Stephen Fulton is at the forefront of the new wave of Philadelphia boxing

Nigel Collins sits down with Stephen Fulton, the ugly and handsome bantamweight man who warns, ‘You can’t sleep on him. He’s a fighter who makes punching angles’

THINKING is a magical thing, especially when you are a child and everything seems possible. Imagine this: A young boy sweating, shaking his legs, shaking his flute arm, and dreaming of becoming a boxer. It was Stephen Fulton’s young way of shutting down the rest of the world and directing his anger at his favorite things.

“When I was in the photo box as a kid, I did it with a good idea. I think my enemy was in front of me. -bantamweight and WBO belt holder, seated on a bench, side by side, inside a small cabin. changing room, the only place to escape from the gym is the other side of the door.

Fulton has a natural influence, a 27-year-old man whose youthful vigor is still dancing in his eyes. Cool Boy Steph is nicknamed de guerre, but everyone who knows him calls him Scooter.

Contemplation has a way back to everyday life, but not always and not for Fulton, a child who had a hole in his back, a father behind bars and a mother with a substance abuse problem.

Bowling was a congenital defect of the arrow, the result of which the lower extremities were not fully developed. The mysterious condition gradually healed over time, thanks in large part to her older sister, Ilyana Moore, who regularly wore her scarf. Fulton grew up in “The Bottom,” a popular West Philly neighborhood where success stories are scarce and life is cheap. In a showtime video of Fulton and Angelo Leo’s headline-grabbing fight, Stephen points to a wall across the street from where he grew up.

“There’s a painting up there you see. Everybody there was dead. They were killed, all of them were killed. Not one of them died from natural causes.”

Fulton knows he would probably have been in the group if it hadn’t been for boxing, which was said by a young man who received his summons when his father was released from prison. Prior to this, he had done most of his military schooling.

“When Father came home, we met his family friend [Hamza Muhammad] We’ve known each other for a long time, ”Fulton says. I said ‘I don’t care’, but at first I liked it.

“I was 75 pounds when I had my first fight, which I lost. I blocked all his punches, but I didn’t let my hands go enough. In my fourth game I beat a guy I lost in my first fight.”

After doing more than 80 fights (not knowing the exact number), Fulton entered the World Series of Boxing at the end of 2013. “It was great,” Fulton said. “I wanted to do so because it would give me an opportunity to see what the experts were like. I lost my first fight because I was not well, I came back with two wins. ”

After stopping Issac Badger in the second round of his pro, on October 4, 2014, Fulton remained busy, fighting for the ground cards in the casino’s gaming rooms. As 2017 neared the end, he was undefeated in the 12 divisions and will soon be heading to Manchester to work with Carl Frampton, ahead of the Irishman and Nonito Donaire matches.

“I believe someone told me not to marry her because I could imitate Donaire’s style. I was taught when Carl was trained.

“I loved Manchester, the hotel, everything. He took me to Anthony Joshua fight [against Joseph Parker] as well as in football. I also went to enjoy the night before I left. ”

Five fights later, Fulton won just one prize on the undefeated Leo to win the WBO title, a feat that surprised many experts. With only eight wins within a distance of 18 bouts, most thought was that Fulton was shooting from the outside against the fierce rifle Leo, but those at 1 ON 1 Gym know better. He saw Scooter chatting with his coach, Wahid Rahim, preparing to hit “El Chinito” at his game.

Amanda Westcott / Showtime

The Fulton-Leo fight, on January 23 at the Mohegan Sun Casino in Uncasville, Connecticut, was raging in front of Showtime cameras and a crowd dispersed inside the boiler. Both fighters seemed determined to win and fought right to the fight, fighting on the side with the blows that fell as if the ax was biting into a tree.

In the middle of the 12-rounder competition Fulton took the lead and improved happily and freely. According to CompuBox they combined to hit 1,933 punches, while Fulton hit 364 with Leo 262.

Fulton is set to face super-bantamweight No.3, Brandon Figueroa, on November 27. In his most recent fight, Texan’s “The Heartbreaker,” knocked Luis Nery to retain the WBA title and extend the WBC belt.

Scooter’s evil team appeared when he joined Figueroa in the ring following Brandon’s victory over Nery, apparently to show what was to come. In the case of Jake Paul, who told Floyd Mayweather to break up the affair, Fulton grabbed Figueroa’s face and said, “I’m dirty with your clothes,” he laughed, before we even managed to make fun of each other.

Fulton is one of those people who can cheat without being overly anxious. Instead of getting angry, they prefer to stir up excitement. Even Figueroa looked funny.

Probably so because Fulton predicted that Figueroa would beat Nery, an idea that was not shared by the troublemakers and many gamblers. “Everyone despises him,” Fulton said. “The thing about Figueroa is that you can’t sleep on it. He’s a fighter who makes punched angles.”

Nery was in front of one scorecard and even another when Figueroa dug left into the solar plexus in the seventh round. There was a delay caused by a severe physical injury and then Nery jumped up and fell on the cloth, which Judge Thomas Taylor read to her.

Fulton did not appear to be impressed with Figueroa’s expulsion in southern Mexico as a spectator. “He’s a little carefree, but he excels at what he does. I just think of him, not the fights of the future.”

There is an 11-month difference between Leo and Figueroa fights, but Fulton is doing well. He was present, he did this, enduring a year of inactivity after being tested for Covid-19 on the first day of July 2020 for the Leo bout.

Fulton, who had been subjected to a series of vicious temptations that led to the fight, was devastated. Being bitten by a tiny insect and perhaps losing a lifetime of privilege was extremely difficult. “I used to be out of the gym for a mindset,” Fulton said.

When told that the winner Leo-Williams should fight him, Fulton shook the funk and returned to the gym. He was determined to end Leo’s reign and take over the reins he saw as belonging to him at all times, which he did.

Along with welterweight Jaron “Boots” Ennis, Fulton is at the forefront of the new generation of Philadelphia soldiers. In recent years local boxers who have won major titles have not been able to hang their belts for long. In May 2019 Julian “J Rock” Williams grabbed two super-welterweight titles with a 12th consecutive win over Jarrett Hurd who never won. It was an impressive victory, which saw Williams stop Jeison Rosario in the fifth round of defense for the first time.

Southpaw Tevin Farmer, who gave Billy Dibbs the unseen super-featherweight gong in March 2018, performed four successful defenses between October 20, 2018 and July 27, 2019, running at the latest standards, which would cause him to fall. . The farmer appeared disappointed after losing a ruling in favor of Joseph “Jo Jo” Diaz on January 30, 2020.

The Covid-19 plague affected thousands of boxers, but various hives caused the game to hit – fainting to be sure, but strong enough to keep the lights on. Fulton succeeded in bubble and is happy that all public bans have been lifted.

Meanwhile Fulton and his girlfriend, Tiffany Jubilee, have left The Bottom, along with Stephen’s son, Abdul Muqtadir, meaning The Mighty One. “She’s four years old and she loves boxing,” said her father. “If people come up to me and say, ‘You are a boxer,’ he will say, ‘I am just a boxer.’”

Scooter’s mother, Commaleana, has been clean for years now, and her father, Stephen Fulton Snr, is still a major part of her son’s life. The little baby boy who loves boxing now is just a memory but will always be part of the man, the part that made him go when things were so bad. It has always been his best tool.

Last July, Fulton opened CBS Crabs, a seafood restaurant in Chester, a hardscrabble city within the Philadelphia Metropolitan Area. His vision, however, continues in the Chester mountain range.

“All I want to do is open up in Miami and stay there,” Fulton said, after wrapping his arms around himself, hoping to take him wherever he wanted to go.

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