Spark Crowdfunding Records Huge Growth in Activity

Dublin-based equity crowdfunding company, Spark Crowdfunding, says it is very happy with the latest developments business in the year to the end of June 2021, with ordinary investors looking for new ways to send more money than expected.

The first companies that are looking for new money are able to get more money from more people than just financial events.

Innovative Irish Company Spark Crowdfunding

Spark Crowdfunding saw an increase in new accounts in the first half of the year from January to June when small to medium-sized Irish investors were given access to new businesses, including the Nova UCD-based Akkure and Paddy Power new games. ASX technical platform, which raised € 2.2m in less than a month.

Enterprise Ireland High Potential Start-up companies have also made a significant impact on the list of financial opportunities offered, as many companies now use equity crowdfunding to match the funds provided by the State Agency.

Zipp Mobility, Ireland’s leading electric scooter scheme, raised € 560,000 on the Spark platform and was one of the few companies to earn the equivalent of Enterprise Ireland for this.

Equity crowdfunding is a fundraising process used primarily by start-ups and startups. Like Dragons’ Den, equity crowdfunding offers shares in the company to a number of potential investors to raise funds. Every retailer has the right to share in the company according to its revenue.

In contrast to traditional fundraising companies, which rely on a small group of investment professionals, equity crowdfunding targets a large group of small to medium-sized investors.

The main goal of equity crowdfunding is to raise the required funds since small donations from many registered fundraisers on the platform. In the case of Spark Crowdfunding, investors can invest as little as € 100 in the company.

“Our savings account grew by 140% in the first 6 months of this year when the average Irishman spent a lot of time online and had a lot of money,” said Chris Burge, CEO of Spark Crowdfunding.

He added: “Our budget is only € 2,500, but if you increase the number of investors it will not take long to create the power of Venture Capitalist.

“We want to give Irish investors the opportunity to find new financial opportunities that would be open to Venture Capitalists or Private Equity companies. With a platform like ours, investors can invest anything from € 100 upwards and support Irish startups. at the beginning.

“With the new campaigns coming in every month, there is always a new opportunity to raise money for Irish investors,” Burge said.

For more information, email Chris Burge, CEO of Spark Crowdfunding via email [email protected] or phone 087 851 9050.


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