South Island to enter traffic light system at orange

The whole of South Island will be turning orange when the new traffic light begins on Friday, Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern announced.

At a press conference Monday after the Cabinet Ardern announced plans for the various regions of New Zealand to enter the Covid-19 Protection Framework – known as the traffic light system – on Friday.

Under this system – which is highly dependent on vaccination and imposition of restrictions on those who did not comply – New Zealand areas will enter the red zone with some oranges.

The following areas have entered the red route:

Northland, Auckland, Taupō and Rotorua Lakes Districts, Kawerau, Whakatane, ōpōtiki Districts, Gisborne District, Wairoa District, Rangitikei, Whanganui and Ruapehu Districts.

The following areas will be included in the orange frame:

The rest of the North Island and South Island will all relocate to Orange

It comes as the Delta expansion continues to spread slowly but steadily across the country, with 182 new cases today. There are now 93 people in the hospital – 11 from yesterday – and 10 in the ICU.

Ardern said there had been a number of guarantees under the new system, which would reduce the chances of a closure.

“But the Covid-19 is still with us, and the visibility of the Omicron brand overseas is a reminder of why we need to remain vigilant and maintain human resources to protect us.

“We have been vigilant with the initial selection of street lights as a new way of setting up the cabinet. The cabinet will review the status and submit amendments on Monday 13 December.

“The next Ministerial amendment will be on Monday, January 17, and will continue after two weeks.”

The considerations for classification in each region include vaccination, health status, testing, screening and trial capacity, and the extent and effect of the spread of Coivd-19.

Ardern said New Zealand needed to move to a new system.

“We are well prepared for this moment by maintaining a smart approach to protecting people and their jobs. Our next phase focuses on reducing Covid-19 impacts and protecting people.

“We have vaccinated a large part of the 5 million team, and now is the time to move on to the new system.

“After the last two years of COVID I am the best in the world, with the lowest rates of mortality and OECD mortality, the growing economy, and among the highest vaccines in the world.

“We are now in a very strong position to move forward in the next phase.”

What are the rules for an orange?

Under orange screening will be required, as will masks for flights and public transportation, as well as for taxis, shops and the general public.

Public and retail outlets will be open to power limits and providers will be open to the public health systems in place. If a vaccine is used, there will be no collection limits.

If not used, a limit of 50 people will be used. Hospitality companies that do not require licenses should operate separately. Nearby businesses such as gymnasiums can work with vaccine passes.

What are the red rules?

In the meantime, taking action is to protect vulnerable people and health systems from the stagnant number of hospital admissions.

Analysis will be needed, as will the masks on airplanes and public transportation, as well as in taxis, in public places. Government areas will have a limit of 100 people, and trade will be open with power limits.

Working from home will be encouraged. Educators will be comfortable with social media. Vaccination certificates will be required in high schools.

The external events mentioned will be allowed by the power limit. If a business, organization or activity does not require proof of vaccination, the restrictions apply. Hospitality will be unconnected if the business does not want to go on strike, and parties should have a limit of 10.

Authenticity in the sudden closure of the Level Alert – Ardern

Ardern said the stability and stability of the street lights was replaced by the sudden closure and restriction of Alert Levels.

“Our schools should be open to all kinds and businesses should be secure through My Vaccine Passes to continue operating.

“New Zealanders who get vaccinated with vaccines will be able to do many things that were once considered dangerous such as going to bars and restaurants, cutting their hair, going to concerts or gymnastics. In Auckland, it means seeing friends and brothers in the house again.

“But there is more to do. There are Kiwis 160,889 for the second dose – if everyone received this week we would have received the 89.3 vaccine.

Ardern started a press conference by talking about the Omicron brand. He said New Zealand did not have this new nation but it was a reminder why a strong, more comprehensive response to the epidemic was needed.

Some countries have to relocate or reopen isolated areas.

“We are not without power.”

Omicron has not changed its technical specifications.

“We are very keen to see our borders and health workers receive this extra protection.”

Business support under the Traffic Lights system

Businesses will be able to receive a one-time payment of up to $ 24,000 with government assistance as they enter the new electronic vehicle system.

Finance Minister Grant Robertson said the transfer money should be mainly for businesses in Auckland, Waikato and Northland to help them get back on track after lifting bans that have been in place since mid-August in some areas.

A single payment will be available on December 10, made through the Resurgence Support Payment system. The new package is expected to cost $ 350 and $ 490 million in total.

It was much higher than the starting salary – and will be calculated at $ 4000 per business plus $ 400 for a full-time employee, up to 50 FTEs – a maximum pay of $ 24,000.

It would be for businesses that would show that their income was at least 30 percent between October 3 and November 9 compared to a regular week in six weeks before August 17th.

“This payment is a long-term recognition of businesses in Auckland, in particular, they have had restrictions before moving to a new system.”

He also said that in all areas of the new electronics sector, more and more businesses will be able to operate more efficiently.

He said the government will monitor the flow of electricity to businesses and is expected to brief the cabinet in early 2022 with some suggestions for assistance – however, he expects future government assistance to be provided at the red flag.

“To put it bluntly, if there seems to be a need for more support it can be found under the Red to establish a new system because vaccinated businesses do not have significant restrictions on Orange and Green.”

Final payrolls and restart payments were opened Friday, and Robertson said this will still be paid in addition to the change fees.

Remuneration for employees who are on leave or waiting for test results should also continue to be provided under the automotive system – but the leave-of-shift plan moves every week and not one week due to isolation time.

– ODT Online and NZ Herald

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