South African Scientists Detect New COVID-19 Variant of ‘Concern'

A new strain of coronavirus has been discovered in South Africa where scientists say it is concerned about the growing number of mutations and rapid spread among young people in Gauteng, the country’s most populous province, Health Minister Joe Phaahla announced on Thursday.

Coronavirus grows as it spreads and many new species, including those with disturbing mutations, often just die off. Scientists are studying new and potentially fatal mutations, but determining whether new species may affect human health could take time.

South Africa has seen a sharp rise in new diseases, Phaahla said at an online press conference.

“In the last four or five days, there has been a significant increase,” he said, adding that the new reforms seem to be driving the rise in crime. Scientists in South Africa are working hard to determine the number of new cases that have occurred as a result of these new changes.

Currently known as B.1.1.529, a new version has also been discovered in Botswana and Hong Kong among travelers from South Africa, he said.

The WHO technical team meets Friday to review the new version and can decide whether or not to name it from the Greek alphabet.

The new transition has a “star” of new reforms, “said Tulio de Oliveira, of the Network for Genomic Surveillance in South Africa, who followed the country’s delta expansion.

“Most of the changes are due to concerns that the immune system could spread,” de Oliveira said.

“This new species has many mutations,” including more than 30 protein-related proteins, he said. We expect to see health problems in the next few days and weeks. ”

De Oliveira said a team of scientists from seven South African universities was studying the species. They have a total of 100 genomes and expect to have many more in the next few days, he said.

“We are concerned about the dramatic evolution that has taken place in this world,” he said. The good news is that we can detect it by testing PCR.

Following the slow spread of South Africa reporting more than 200 new cases per day, last week new daily cases rose sharply to 1,200 on Wednesday. Thursday jumped to 2,465.

The first operation was performed in Pretoria and surrounding areas of Tshwane and appears to be a series of outbreaks from student meetings at local universities, said Health Minister Phaahla. In the multiplicity of these cases, scientists have studied the genomic sequence and discovered new mutations.

“This is a very different matter that we should consider seriously,” said Ravindra Gupta, a professor of medicine at Cambridge University. “It has many mutations that can disrupt the spread and response of the immune system.”

Gupta said scientists in South Africa needed time to determine whether the increase in new cases was due to these changes. “There is a strong possibility that this is the case,” he said. “South African scientists have done an amazing job of quickly recognizing this and informing the world.”

South African authorities have warned that a new outbreak is expected from mid-December to early January and is expected to address this by vaccinating more people, Phaahla said.

About 41% of South African adults have been vaccinated and the number of daily shootings is small, less than 130,000, much lower than the government’s demand for 300,000 a day.

South Africa currently has about 16.5 million vaccines, manufactured by Pfizer and Johnson & Johnson, in the country and expects to receive another 2.5 million next week, according to Nicholas Crisp, senior vice president of the country’s health department.

“We are getting vaccinated faster than we are currently using them,” Crisp said. “As a result, for a long time, we have been delaying delivery, not lowering orders, but only suspending our delivery so as not to accumulate and store vaccines.”

South Africa, with a population of 60 million, has registered more than 2.9 million COVID-19 people including more than 89,000 dead.

To date, the delta species is still highly contagious and is infested with other species that were previously concerned including alpha, beta and in. According to the sequence that countries in the world have in the largest warehouse in the world, more than 99% are delta.

As the delta trend continues to cause concern for the U.S. across the US, the most recent nation in the country, many are wondering which species exist and which ones we should be concerned about?

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