‘Somebody might die,’ says UFC veteran Perry ahead of unique new fighting event (VIDEO)

Former UFC fighter Mike Perry has sparked controversy by saying someone could be killed while preparing for a new ‘Triad Combat’ event this week in Texas.

Organized as the most recent Triller Fight Club competition, the event on Saturday at the Globe Lite Field in Arlington will see MMA fighters and boxers meet in a three-piece special ring.

According to the promoters it will be “A flexible, new fighter game that combines the rules of boxing with MMA aggressively and aggressively as fighters compete in a specially designed two-minute ring with professional boxers competing against mixed martial arts champions.”

Contestants should wear crossover gloves and although only punches are allowed, fighters will be able to beat from the hospital to gain access. “Even games” between two fights.

Bouts will be broadcast by FITE on-screen and the entertainment will include a concert from heavy metal giants Metallica.

Leading the fight is former UFC heavyweight champion Frank Mir, who is battling former boxing champion Kubrat Pulev of Bugaria.

Also on the card is former UFC fighter Perry, who recently made a deal with BKFC.

Based on his performance at 175lbs and heavyweight boxer Michael Seals, Perry raised eyebrows and some of his comments on how the competition could go down.

Insolently, Perry posed a threat that many saw as crossing the line even through wrestling matches that are often questionable.


“Let’s, of course, the bears shed blood, the bears are caught, and one can die,” Said the man known as ‘Platinum’.

When Perry was drawn to his words, he continued.

“Straight, fight, what do you want from us? Just look at this man, we’ll go.”

“I do not say it all,” He said Seals in response.

Perhaps realizing that he might have offended a few people with his comments, Perry took to Instagram to defend himself.

“You don’t want to talk about death but it’s a part of life,” said the 30-year-old, who was facing probation for years of legal expulsion.

“It’s a decision to risk your life that makes life so much fun. Some people die before they die. I have always lived a full life.

“The more risk you put, the more you put in the line, the more life you have.”

On top of the bill, former UFC champion Frank Mir said he would earn more money from his fight with Pulev than he did in his MMA days.

“When I hit my bonuses and win, I hit seven numbers. And I have never had a hundred years of this in the MMA world,” he said. said Mir.

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