Solomon Islands PM urges calm, refuses to step down as violent protests erupt

Violent protests erupted for the second day in a row on Thursday afternoon, covering parliament, Chinese businesses and other buildings in the Pacific capital, Honiara.

Despite the civil unrest, the Sogavare disagreed with their idea of ​​ending their relationship with Taipei, which sparked controversy in Honiara.

“That decision is the right, and legitimate, decision that puts the Solomon Islands in the right direction in history and is in line with international law,” ABC said.

The 36-hour closure in Honiara to end the protests ended Friday morning.

Sogavare has criticized foreign powers for fomenting unrest in the country.

The most popular protests stemmed from the idea of ​​an island nation in September 2019 to change diplomatic relations from Taiwan to China.

Until then, the Solomon Islands maintained a relationship with Taipei for 36 years.

Most of the protesters arrived from the island of Malaita, which has the largest population in the country.

The Malaita region has maintained ties with Taipei against the central government.

I feel sorry for my people in Malaita because they are being fed falsehoods and lies about the change, ”Sogavare said.

The protests were in line with the recent economic downturn in the Malaita region.

The region’s leader, Daniel Suidani, was one of the most vocal critics of China’s recognition of China. He said Malaita has maintained relations with Taiwan.

Solomons Islands Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare (left) and Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison meet in Honiara

Source: AAP

Solomon Islands opposition leader Matthew Wale on Friday said he “denied” allegations that he had started or was behind the Honiara riots.

Wale told ABC radio that the people of Honiara felt powerless to change the country through a democratic process.

“The Prime Minister’s statement on the Italian people not to hit the brick wall was not in line with their culture. It has more ideas, “he said.

His comments came after he called on the Prime Minister to “do the right thing” and step down.

Australia sends police, troops to help ‘stamp out violence’

Australian police have been deployed to the Solomon Islands to maintain order following reports of arson, theft and extensive damage to property.

Interior Minister Karen Andrews said 23 AFP members were now on the ground, including members of the intelligence team.

Forty-three Australian troops have been sent to the Solomon Islands to help “resolve conflicts,” Prime Minister Scott Morrison said on Thursday.

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“Over the past few days things have gotten worse in the Solomon Islands,” he told the Seven’s Sunrise program.

“We know that things are very difficult. Our job is to help restore law and order so that we can work with the Solomon Islands police. ”

Andrews said Australia’s role was not to interfere in the country’s domestic affairs.

“Our role there is clear. I am working with the Solomon Islands police to ensure that we do everything we can to help restore order to the islands, ”he said.

“So we are very aware of our responsibilities. It would be extremely difficult for him to take part in the political affairs of the Solomon Islands.

“I’m just helping to put in place the necessary equipment and making sure we can help the Solomon Islands police to restore law and order as quickly as possible.”

TV shows showed houses on fire.TV shows showed houses on fire.

Source: Issued

Foreign Minister Marise Payne said it appeared that the deportation of Australians to the region would end in a matter of weeks.

Although the exact number was not known, it is said that there were 200 Australian citizens in the country.

“We will do as much as we can with those who want to leave,” Senator Payne told ABC Radio.

“Most importantly, travel expertise is very clear when avoiding demonstrations and demonstrations.”

China is urging the Solomon Islands to protect its citizens

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian said he was “deeply concerned” and called on the Solomon Islands government to “do everything possible to protect the security of Chinese citizens and institutions”.

He mentioned the two countries’ performance in terms of economic, trade, construction and education.

“Attempts to disrupt the development of China’s relations with the rest of the world are not working,” he warned.

Taiwan maintains ties with only 15 countries.

Many allies have terminated their relationship with China in recent years.

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