Solana Outdid Cardano And Polkadot In Monthly Inflows Totaling $43M From Institutional Investors

The Coinshare report highlights the growing interest of corporate businesses in Solana.

CoinShares Price reports the fact that there was a $ 150 million entry into the crypto market in the last week. Bitcoin received approximately US $ 114 million, followed by Ethereum with US $ 12.6 million and various other assets valued at $ 14.1 million.

While the crypto market is in the regulatory phase, investors continue to be exposed to a wide range of cryptocurrencies, with Solana earning significant revenue from investors. A Coinshares report shows that Bitcoin and Ethereum continue to attract but Solana (SOL) has grown significantly at the same time.

This also marks the continuation of the revenue stream from Institutional Investors betting on the crypto market, even though the market is on the verge of recession.

Coinshare Writes:

“Digital trading platforms earned US $ 154m last week, and the most recent correction, with Bitcoin prices falling by 12% per week, does not seem to be affecting business acumen.”


But it’s not just BTC and ETH that they love the most, Solana is out of the competition.

Data shows that Solana last month, especially the last 4 weeks, has attracted a lot of attention from sector agencies, with $ 43 million invested in SOL cryptocurrency during this period.

This puts SOL on top of competitors like Polkadot and Cardano.

Coinshares wrote:

“The advent of electronic media around the world shows that investors love Solana. Based on the amount of revenue generated last month, Solana has seen US $ 43m last month against Cardano at US $ 23m.”

The growing interest in Institutional funding in Solana may have many reasons, but the most common reason is the non-stop Metaverse, where many Metaverse projects are coming to SOL.

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