Should Canadians be insulted by a U.S. travel warning — or relieved?

WASHINGTON — From what I have heard, when a The US State department has raised its plans to travel to Canada this week until “Level Four: No Walking,” some Canadians viewed it as an insult.

They are good to judge, aren’t they? Should they look in the mirror?

But it is not, I do not think. The US currently has about 80 countries on its fixed list, which means as a rule, not a rule. The guidelines do not change boundary rules. It does not restrict movement or tighten restraints. I just agree that COVID-19 is widespread in Canada right now – which, if I read my colleagues’ work on Star correctly, is in the right review.

Currently, Canada has a global coverage international travel expertise “preventing unnecessary travel outside of Canada.”

For Canadians who are looking at the epidemic in the US as a sign of what is to come, there are some good and bad news.

The first bad news is that the cases, hospitals and deaths of COVID-19 are worse or worse than they were at its peak last year. In the last two weeks, according to a New York Times survey, US has increased more than 780,000 new cases per day, 1.5 times more than in the past two weeks. Hospitals across the country have risen 82 percent over the same period. Death rates have skyrocketed by half.

Director of the US Food and Drug Administration, Dr. Janet Woodcock, said this week before Congress, “Many people have taken COVID.” Dr. Anthony Fauci, executive director of the National Institutes of Health, made a similar comment: “Omicron will find almost everyone.”

It sure looks that way.

The good news is that in the northeast, where Omicron triggered major epidemics in the US, the risk of infection may have risen sharply. Here in Washington, DC, litigation cases have dropped by 17 percent in the past two weeks – although schools and restaurants are still open.

But the bad news here is that the hospitals are still going strong (which can be expected, since hospitalization is a less common symptom). It’s inspiring somewhere that many local hospitals say having an ICU. Experimental tests remain very high at 25 percent. Dr. Bob Watcher, dean of the faculty of medicine at the University of California San Francisco, indicates that in San Francisco It is fair to say that one in ten people have it – and many other experts have said that the number of Omicron is much higher than the official reports show.

Another good news is that there is ample evidence – both in the US and abroad – that vaccines, especially stimulants, provide strong protection against severe COVID-19 cases that could result in hospitalization or death.

But there is bad news: the cities in the northeast where Omicron seems to have reached a peak with some of the most vaccinated areas in the country. In other words, there may be reason to expect that Omicron’s fast-growing areas are areas where fewer people are vaccinated. And in rural areas in many districts where vaccination is low, they have fewer hospitals and more ICUs.

This Omicron wave, in the US, could be very bad.

Many US commentators (and, rudely, many Americans you meet) seem to be interpreting Fauci and Woodcock’s warnings about how Omicron is spreading as proof of the lethal form of COVID-19: if it comes to all of us, why bother with prevention measures? This gives the impression of “I have done this, whether it has happened to me or not”. I wrote about vacation before.

Yet the point of the doctors is that because of the spread and the spread of this – and maybe those who are coming, who knows? – it is important to get vaccinated and encouraged to prevent serious infections, as well as to wear high-quality masks to reduce the spread of infection in hospitals. This seems wise enough.

One last good news: vaccination rates have been steadily rising. According to the Centers for Disease Control, 63 percent of Americans now have adequate immunizations (67 percent of those eligible), and more than half of those who received the vaccine received a positive shot. And people are still there to get their first dose: last month, when about 16 million Americans received the supplement, another 8.8 million received their first vaccine. Seventy-five percent of Americans now receive one dose of vaccine.

Vaccination rates are 10 percent lower than in Canada (at the full dose and at the same dose), but represent progress.

However, if the State Department provided travel advice to Americans about US territories, the whole country would probably be printed under the name DO NOT GO. It would not be an insult. That is good advice, depending on the circumstances.


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