Sex change hormone treatment injured Swedish children – media

At least 13 children experienced complications from hormonal treatment while receiving treatment for gender dysmorphia in Sweden, according to international journalist SVT.

In the report printed On Wednesday, a Swedish journalist SVT revealed that doctors at Karolinska University Hospital in Stockholm have suspended new hormone treatment for children with gender dysmorphia in May amid concerns over “Possible results.”

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The hospital stated in the new guidelines that the treatment is contraindicated and there is no scientific support available. Data related to the severity of outcomes and the number of children affected were not disclosed.

After internal and clinical evaluation, SVT conducted its own research. They said all 13 children were injured in some way by the treatment they received at the hospital. Another child, Leo, started receiving hormone therapy at the age of 11. About five years later, Leo was diagnosed with osteoporosis and had his spine amputated. Also, its size is greatly reduced.

“Injuries that have occurred as a result of treatment with us, we obviously have a responsibility,” he said. Svante Norgren, director of Astrid Lindgren Children’s Hospital at Karolinska University Hospital, told the country’s reporter.

Other injuries that have occurred as a result of the treatment include liver damage that is thought to be a serious health damage. One child was also diagnosed with osteoporosis two years after receiving antiretroviral therapy.

The hospital said it was not known if 13 children had been injured by their treatment. “We are two separate units. The pediatric hospital oversees the pediatric section – psychiatric research and research is part of the KID category [Gender Identity Investigations of Children and Adolescents], ” Norren said.

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