Russian Communist MP stripped of immunity for illegal elk hunting

Russian lawmakers voted to ban Communist party spokesman Valery Rashkin from running for office.

Prosecutor Igor Krasnov saw the need to bring MP Rashkin to office under Article 1 of Article 12.26 of the Administrative Code (“Failure for a motorist to be tested for drunkenness”) and under Article 2 of Article 258 of the Criminal Code of Russia ( “Illegal Search”).

About 341 MP voted to remove Rashkin’s defense.

Earlier, Valery Rashkin admitted to killing the animal, although he initially denied such charges. The MP said he went to the Saratov region to rest after the elections in the State Duma. He went hunting there one day. According to the politician, he was informed that all the necessary permits are available.

MPyo said he saw a beast on the edge of the forest and saw it as a big boar. He shot the beast twice, but when he got close to the beast, he realized it was a fish.

Rashkin killed the corpse with an ax and a machete in his car and went to ask for help from one of his friends. As he was coming out of the woods with the carcass completely, his car stopped, then another car passed by, and the occupants of the car, unknown to Rashkin, asked him to open the trunk.

Many immediately doubt the Rashkin breed of wild boar. Osaka experts say that it is impossible to compare deer to a boar, since the peaks are very large and can grow up to six feet[2 m]in height.

When Rashkin was arrested with elk meat in one of his cars, he is said to have found a dead body as he walked through the woods and taken it to the police.

“Fearing for my friend Alexander and for not putting anyone in danger, I did not find anything better and I said, ‘I have found the corpse of this elk,” Rashkin explained later, emphasizing that he did not drink alcohol. , but the smell of alcohol came from his friend Alexander.

Valery Rashkin could face up to three to five years in prison for illegal hunting.

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