Russia says it has neutralized the cutthroat REvil ransomware gang

Russian law enforcement officials said on Friday they had arrested 14 people affiliated with REvil, a high-profile intelligence group that had disrupted the rich work of the rich and kept their personal data.

These actions, carried out by the Russian FSB, which replaced the KGB, are a rare example of the country’s government in the fight against cybercrime with its citizens. The US and Russia do not have a fundraiser, and critics say the Kremlin often has cybercriminals as long as they do not look at organizations in the former Soviet Union. The arrests come as tensions between Russia and the US escalate into a full-blown civil war in Ukraine.

The main hunter was not disturbed

Russia’s FSB has established a criminal organization called the ‘REvil’ and its members’ involvement in the distribution of payment and criminal records, “Russian authorities say. he wrote. “In an effort to stem the tide of crime, these individuals have resorted to malicious schemes and planned to steal money from foreign nationals’ bank accounts with the money they earn, in addition to buying expensive goods online.”

Friday’s release added: “As a result of the actions of the FSB and the Russian Interior Ministry, the group of established terrorists has disappeared. The information used on the attacks has been altered.”

REvil first appeared in 2019 and made a name for himself technical skills and solid techniques, which includes the most advanced ransomware and the shame of the victims. The terrorist group has carried out what is known as ransomware attacks on large animals, meaning that it targets organizations with deep pockets to pay the tens of millions of dollars in fines. In April last year, investigators ranked REvil as Number 3 ransomware group, responsible for 4 percent about attacks on government agencies and government agencies.

The victims included many people from all over the world meat and poultry producer JBS SA, which in June was affected by a devastation that closed some operations. Other Revil victims include a law firm representing Lady Gaga and other celebrities. Kaseya software it was also hacked, resulting in about 1,500 organizations seeking help from Kaseya or one of its clients getting the virus. In October, REvil closed his embarrassing funny Blog page members said their weapons had been stolen.

A joint operation between the FSB and local police investigated 25 addresses and detained 14 people; also seized 426 million rubles, $ 600,000, 500,000 euros, computer equipment, and 20 high-end vehicles, Friday’s release said. Russian officials have said they will notify their US counterparts directly about their actions. Officials did the job following a request from the US, the FSB said.

Last year, President Biden repeatedly pressured his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin to arresting criminal gangs in Russia and cautioned that encroachment on pipelines and related equipment is not permitted.

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