Rogue64 – A new C64 roguelike from Badger Punch Games is available for pre-order via Bitmap Soft

If you like the C64 game and love something different compared to our regular regular retro computer ads like Platformers and Shoot ’em ups, then you will be happy to know as a result of the themes on Twitter, Badger Punch Games. The latest releases of ‘Rogue64’, are available in Pre-Orders and will be shipped the first week of December. For those of you who have never heard of this game, it is a fantastic game in which each game is unique, with complex production!

You are a Zendar explorer, looking for wealth and fame in Mordecoom prisons! Rumors have it that there is something magical under the prison, and you want it! The only problem is that there are bad people living in caves hiding in the dark, waiting to be attacked as you go deeper into the dangerous cube road. Mordecoom pits are waiting!

Yes we are welcome to the new games coming to the C64 near you this December, games that don’t just feel different every time you play, and these games will have some superheroes who become more dangerous as you progress, bigger ones. challenges, good rewards for those who are about to run out, pixelated visuals, a beautiful Sami Louko song, and much more that you will experience for yourself next month.

Deluxe Edition – C64 Cartridge is delivered in a professionally designed box.

It contains the following items:

  • Bigbox made professionally
  • Rogue64 game on Cartridge.
  • A handbook.
  • Stickers / Badges.
  • A shiny A4-sided drawing of one side.
  • Special Gifts.
  • Digital download will be available to those who purchase the game when it is sent to protect the ROM

Links:1) Twitter 2) Import via Bitmap Soft 3) Website

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