Robots and AI assist in designing and building Swiss university’s ‘hanging gardens’

Architecture and architecture have always been, rather than quiet, on the long edge of technology and equipment. It is not surprising, especially at a well-known technical university like ETH Zurich, to find a project to use AI and robots in a new technological way. The design and construction they are testing shows how houses and offices can be built ten years from now.

The work is a massive type of giant sculpture, “hanging gardens” led by the well-known buildings of the ancient city of Babylon. (Surprisingly, it was my grandfather, Robert Koldewey, who dug up / took over celebrities Ishtar Gate to place.)

Beginning in 2019, Semiramis (formerly known as the queen of Babylon) is an ally of human and AI makers. Much of the theory certainly came from the creative ideas of its creators, the architects of the architecture Fabio Gramazio and Matthias Kohler. But the design was achieved by setting requirements, such as size, watering requirements and design style, through computer models and machine learning algorithms.

During the design process, for example, the group can change the position of one of the large “pods” that form a 70-foot shape, or change the shape of the paper that forms on top of it. The software he designed can instantly change the geometry of its design and other panels to accommodate these changes, ensure that it will retain its weight, and so on.

Computer demonstration of how the last part of the hanging Semiramis can look like. Photo credit: Gramazio Kohler Research

There are many creative ways to build, of course, but the project pushes the limits to the final level of improvement that seems to have been given to them. The point, after all, makes it a real connection, not just looking at the style that makes the whole thing fall apart.

“Computer technology allows us to change the design and monitor the progress of a project. This results in new geometries, which are often surprising,” Kohler said in an ETHZ article.

Upon reaching the final design, the construction project is undertaken by another man-made team: four robotic devices that work with one mind to hold several heavy pieces (each side has more) while people apply the resin used to store it. them together. It is a step at the top of the path we saw it used a few years ago is the same group where they used robots as helpers only.

Semiramis is built in the assembly and then slowly dispatched to his home in the Tech Cluster Zug. It should be fully assembled and ready to accept the soil and seeds in the coming spring, so stop if you are in the area.

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