Review: Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings

Phase 4 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe begins quickly with Shang-Chi is the legend of ten rings. When The Widow was the first film in the series, previously released, based on previous episodes and sent to one of the original Avengers. Destin Daniel CrettonThe video has been firmly established so far, and it wants to launch a new era of storytelling.

With 24 story videos to go on, Marvel is slowly making inroads with every new entry. They should try to tell original stories while also using the history they represent to entertain long-term fans and create stories and ideas for the future. Amazing movies often accuse them of feeling like fantasy, very similar, and like building blocks.

Shang-Chi contains more of Marvel film. There are quippy one-liners, CGI-extravaganza events, and old Marvel seeds with the sprouting of new life going forward. The main villain of the film is The Mandarin, a very ugly man Iron Man 3 (type of), I also received an original and visual voucher from a famous Hong Kong player Tony Leung. Longtime viewers really get what they want based on the original image of The Mandarin. Cretton combines the old and the modern with the chef’s hand, though it sometimes allows for more oil in the sauce.

It is fitting that the main theme of the film is Shang-Chi fighting the past and trying to discover the new. Cretton acquaints us with Mandarin culture and ancient myths before passing through the modern-day cold of Shang-Chi, which took place in San Francisco. Its past is revealed during the film’s episode in flashback as more and more episodes are revealed.

Since the audience is very familiar with the film starring the superheroes right now, Shang-Chi she dances discreetly around tropes through a process that reveals her story slowly. This technique is integrated into the film. Shang-Chi is battling his father’s past to become a great and murderous man and trying to ignore the sins of history. Monga The Widow, Shang-ChiHeads are sometimes unsightly, but it is good to see the threads crossing and coming together. Great player Phone Liu it is very difficult to portray a person with influence, men’s vulnerability, and conflict.

And much of this is cooked in Marvel mold, Shang-Chi adds new flavors. There is a constant focus on Asian culture and family history. This is not a huu the film in any way, but the film pays homage to the ritual of the film in a number of ways. Shang-Chi has the most powerful hand-held choreography in the Marvel film since 2014 Captain America: Fifth Soldier. When huu-Seeing it is a bit sad, it is interesting to see a Marvel film with systems that are as powerful and different as those that have already appeared in the MCU. We also find small levels kaya near the end.

The drawing is very solid. Leung brings a challenge to Mandarin that elevates him above the Marvel villains. Awkwafina it plays its own form that may or may not work for you. MCU fans have found many eggs and Easter eggs in ways that make this look like a whole living universe.

There is plenty of life and a few minutes when a strong emotion is aroused, but one wants the arcs to be a little deeper, their movement has not been difficult, and CGIpalooza has been slightly restored. For a high-budget budget video, the results seem surprisingly cheap at times. Any celebration of what the film is doing well should be sustained and realize that it is a much cheaper food than it looks regardless of the strong ingredients.

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