Relocated Rohingyas finding a better life in Bhashan Char

While more work needs to be done, Rohingya refugees who have moved to Bashan Char are finding opportunities to live a more comfortable life, she writes. Shaik Abdur Rahman.

BANGLADESH BEGAN TO MOVE Rohingyas to Bhashan Char on December 4, 2020, to reduce the pressure from crowded camps and get them used to living comfortably after returning to Myanmar. While some justice groups are raising concerns about the island’s vulnerability and the commitment of Rohingya refugees to relocate, Rohingyas are moving to the island. to live a safe and secure life.

In the seventh phase, some 369 Rohingyas ceased to be insecure and difficult Cox’s Bazar Bhashan Char camps via the Bangladesh Navy submarine Penguin on 25 November 2021. With this, the total number of Rohingya citizens in the Bhashan Char camp has reached about 20,000 – one-fifth of the 100,000 Rohingyas who are temporarily seeking relocation there.

Immediately, on November 30, 2021, the Government of Bangladesh for the first time allowed 68 Rohingyas from the island to meet their families in the camps of Cox’s Bazar mentioned by the relevant Rohingyas.

According to the head of the disaster management ministry, the displaced Rohingyas will be allowed to travel twice a month from the island to the upper camps. Approval for family travel will facilitate the migration and will enable the Rohingyas to align themselves with Bhashan Char.

After signing The UN-Bangladesh Alliance for Action in the Bashan Char is helping, with the first group to move to the island. The migration resumed at a time when conditions in Cox’s Bazar Rohingya camps were in dire straits following the recent assassination of a prominent Rohingya leader. Mohib Ullah and seven other people in it less than a month later.

Rohingya ordinary people are always experiencing a great deal of frustration after the event. Apart from that, the deterioration of the camps due to the increase in crime, criminal activity and drug trafficking are forcing the Rohingyas to emigrate for a better future. The UN’s response to the provision of better facilities in Bhashan Char has strongly persuaded Rohingyas to voluntarily relocate to a “modern town”. The goal of moving the 100,000 Rohingyas to the island is to create a safe and secure environment for them until their return.

For years, the Rohingyas were denied access to human rights such as security, food, health and education. With the systematic persecution of the Rohingyas, they were forced to flee their country and flee to the camps of Cox’s Bazar where 303,070 Rohingyas had already been stationed.

Rohingya's economic burden is huge in Bangladesh

About 1.2 million registered and unidentified Rohingyas are now detained in Ukhiya and Taknaf Upazilas in Cox’s Bazar state, which makes up about half a million Bangladeshi people living there.

Apart from that, the high birth rate of refugees has led to unequal population density and tensions between the “host against the Rohingyas” in the region have also helped to focus on the temporary migration system. Needless to say, Bhashan Char offers a better chance of survival than the Cox’s Bazar camps.

Is a refund possible?

Myanmar’s current political climate is undermining the spirit of repatriation. However, since there is a permanent solution to the problem, there is no other way to return them to their homeland.

Prior to the recent Rohingyas massacre in August 2017, the Rohingyas were restored under the current war regime in 1978 and 1992-93. However, one Rohingya was not repatriated to Myanmar. Bangladesh and Myanmar are working together to ensure that the world’s most persecuted refugees return home. Due to the deliberate disappearance from the Myanmar side, the return of the Rohingya is disrupted and as a result, the future of several hundred Rohingyas is in turmoil.

Turning our backs on the Rohingya massacre: 'But this is not Australia!'

At the last session of the United Nations General Assembly (YOUNG PEOPLE) The verdict – given anonymously – in the case of the Rohingyas and a few others in Myanmar, is clearly in line with the Bangladesh-Myanmar agreement on return regardless of the military decision.

In the most recent forums, the Prime Minister of Bangladesh, who is a volunteer and committed to a major crisis in 2017, is constantly urging people around the world to take action to find a lasting solution to this problem.

In fact, in the same way that Rohingyas have been detained since August 2017, Bhashan Char has also shown the best way for Bangladesh to be closer to the Rohingya refugees who have been relocated. However, the Rohingya crisis has now become a global epidemic of toxins.

Everyone needs to understand that migration is a temporary process, not a permanent solution. The solution lies in ensuring that the Rohingya return to their homeland peacefully and respectfully.

Sheikh Abdur Rahman is a research assistant at the Central Foundation for International Strategic Studies from Dhaka, Bangladesh.

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