RCS is too little too late, and Google is having a tantrum over a lost battle

There is nothing ‘new’ in Google conflicts; we all understood what was going on, but accepted our commitment to iMessage and stopped asking every day. The new appeal, however, also led to a re-examination of Apple’s system and anti-social behavior that strongly encourages US youth. This is also the first time Google has received a clear message from Apple: RCS images.

The problem, however, is that RCS is an old system that does not solve any of Google’s problems and messages.

RCS: No or no?

Google RCS web page showing Google Messages chat

Why would Google not want RCS? Protocol works with your phone number, is supported by (most) carriers, does not require you to download or register a particular program or service (technically), and offers a number of advanced features. Signs for posting, posting and reading, bulk publications and sharing space, group chats, and last-minute cover-up are all part of its design. And when you do not have a data connection or someone does not have RCS, it crashes again SMS.

In short, RCS is like SMS, but better. Except that it is not. Not every user has opened it yet. Not all phones support. Not all configurations are the same – especially when it comes to concealment because a little bit is a choice. And even if you download Google Messages and use ‘chats’ that are now known around the world, you still have the trust of Google servers that can go down or become a cart at any time. What they do on a regular basis.

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RCS also depends on whether your phone number is activated when sending or receiving messages. This makes it more relevant to your luggage bill (h / t Ron Amadeo by bringing this to discussion). If you miss a payment or have a problem with your agent, or you live in a country where carrying a number is difficult or non-existent, your lineage goes down and how to use SMS and RCS. This is different from IP chat services where you can reconnect at any time in the future, receive all your unexpected messages, and continue where you left off.

RCS is too late for social media

rcs vs whatsapp photos of google pixel 4 xl messaging app

Interest in SMSes, no doubt, is a regular feature in the US right now. The whole world is completely embracing IP-based messengers, e.g. WhatsApp, Telegram, Facebook Messenger, The sign, WeChat, and QQ. This change did not happen overnight, after more than a decade of production and in the meantime, if you live outside the US, the problem is that everyone you know is using one of these apps.

These IP-based applications have made connecting as easy and global as possible. It is a platform transfer from Android to iOS (and sometimes Windows, Linux, Mac, and the Internet) and is customized worldwide without the need of a user. Some of them use a phone number to identify you (yes, such as SMS and RCS) but allow you to move across numbers; others prefer to rely on a username or email to be open to everyone. Most of these programs offer end-to-end to hide in all conversations – including groups. Many have added voice tags and videos, to give you more communication options. And all of that is constantly being updated with new features.

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The RCS method, on the other hand, was announced in 2007 and is slightly modified every year. Very good (Wikipedia). It has been playing with new messages from competitors IP for years and will continue to do so. It also requires a number of partners – carriers and manufacturers – to co-operate and establish.

Talking back to the SMS program in 2022 is like talking about DVD players in 2022.

But the biggest problem of public RCS in my opinion is the idea. To use it, you need to use an SMS app. For anyone who has moved to IP-based messengers, this seems like nonsense. The SMS app is where we get all our spam. It is the same program that we have connected in mind with code 2FA and courier information, and nothing else.

Talking about getting back to the SMS program in 2022 sounds like talking about DVD players in 2022. Some people still have it, but very few are using it. It sounds old-fashioned, like a big jump back in time and space in technology is a form we left behind long ago.

Google has lost a lot of opportunities to do things right

Google Hangouts 2021 7

Joe Hindy / Android Authority

Google did not have a single opportunity, not two, but many, many, oh-so many to send well. Google Talk, Hangouts, Voice, Allo, Chat, Messages, not to mention countless chats included in other apps (YouTube, Photos, Pay, Maps, and so on). I’m sure I forgot a lot more.

For more than a decade, the company has been throwing one way after another on the wall, hoping one will stick, to no avail. The whole thing has become a sad joke, to be honest. And even avid Google fans and apologists can no longer convince their team to try another Google chat app. They have made it a point to say, ‘This is the right thing to do,’ I swear ‘this is a very common practice.

Messaging software goes through a simple ‘and programming’ form. They live, our life.

And when Google checked out the messaging app, everyone went ahead. Apple users in the US have a lot of money in iMessage. Android users around the world have migrated to IP messaging apps. We have all been talking to our relatives, friends, acquaintances, and businesses for these programs for over a decade. We have created groups, created a chat history, fought, reconciled, laughed, and shared thousands of photos and videos. Messaging apps go through a simple ‘and app’ interface. They came to life. Our life. Unfortunately, Google could not be trusted or trusted.

Deep house: Why iMessage is so complex in the US

You cannot create such a relationship with software. It grows naturally or not. And for many of us, no SMS / RCS or Google comes to mind when we chat with our loved ones. Google missed participating in this discussion and could not participate in the equation because it would like to do so.

Mention that Apple supports RCS…

iMessage vs SMS Apple

Chiyani What will that change? Not really. Apple can give Google what they want and extend RCS support. Users Android phones will get a little better by talking to Apple users. They have found better sound equipment, stationery, shipping and reading, as well as final cover-ups. Anything set up by Google or Apple in their work will not go beyond the other side unless it is added to the RCS protocol. Best of all, it can help Google keep Android users in the US – especially teenagers – still from signing up for Apple.

However, no one is forcing Apple to change the color of the RCS chat bubble to blue. It can make the format more stable on iMessage-to-iMessage chats to display a unique look, and that’s the end of the conversation. The idea of ​​the green light does not change, no matter how many symbols of writing and reading receipts you see.

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The only way to solve the problem of bullying is for Apple to turn off its recording, and the section is not about RCS support or not. It could happen if Apple released iMessage on Android, however. But that’s not what Google is asking, publicly.

The only way to solve the problem of bullying is for Apple to turn off its recording, and the section is not about RCS support or not.

This episode is, frankly, the one that really puzzles me about Google’s recent cry. The company should be aware that there is a significant discrepancy between the conflict that triggered (green dictation) and the response that it provides (RCS). The reason why the RCS push continues is difficult. Google should know that the RCS war is lost everywhere except the US. It should also be noted that the concept of US communications does not relate to RCS support, either.

So why the RCS push? It must be because all of Google’s eggs are in this basket now and changing the message can be very dangerous.

In telecommunications games, does RCS have a chance?

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