RCMP expected stiffer resistance in raid against pipeline protest

The RCMP said it was expected to face a major threat when officials moved in last week to remove barriers to the construction of a gas pipeline in northern British Columbia.

The “TV talk” from the successors of Wet’suwet’en’s successors – who say the Coastal GasLink (CGL) project does not have a cross-border permit – led planners to believe it would face stiff opposition, the RCMP said. words in CBC News.

“Our threat … was exacerbated by the public rhetoric of protesters seeking ‘war,’ which changed from previous demonstrations in the region,” he said.

This is the third time that the police have done this in so many years. Intelligent teams, helicopters and canine teams joined a forest-assisted road – from Houston, BC, about 1,000 miles north of Vancouver – in a two-day operation that resulted in the arrest of about 30 people.

The statement was made after a video, released by independent filmmaker Michael Toledano, shows police breaking into a house with an ax and chains while others pointed a gun at a police dog outside. Toledano is making CBC records The Eye of Joy.

NOTE | RCMP Shipping Photos:

The video shows the RCMP Wet’suwet’en attack

Video footage released to reporters Tuesday by filmmaker Michael Toledano shows RCMP technical officials breaking through the door to arrest pipers, Toledano and another journalist in the Wet’suwet’en area last week. Toledano was working for CBC’s The Passionate Eye when he was arrested. 6:40

The operation, like the previous two, met with little resistance from both Wet’suwet’en groups, Haudenosaunee and non-Indians.

Wet’suwet’en Sleydo ‘member Molly Wickham, who had spoken out against the site, was in the house and said the time had upset her.

“This was a major attack … it was dangerous and dangerous to have machine guns,” Wickham said.

“They were very violent in the way they arrested us without permission. They had no right to enter and remove me from my territory as violently as they did.”

Well-known Haudenosaunee leader Skyler Williams said “there was a massive shaking of the arm, it was unsightly, we hit the ground, our heads … pushed into the ice.”

He said police called him by name and demanded his arrest.

Sleydo ‘Molly Wickham raises his hands at RCMP technical units after breaking down the door of his cabin with an ax and chains. (Courtesy of Yintah Film)

RCMP was enforcing a ban on any work on CGL, which is owned by TC Energy.

The RCMP said the formation of their team remained the same in operation last week, including smart teams with “well-known guns” and dogs.

The distance to the area, which is surrounded by dense jungles, as well as “unexpected encounters,” affected the weapons and the number of police officers deployed, he said.

In court in underwear

Wickham, who was released Tuesday evening, is said to have been detained in Prince George Prison for two days and that he and others went without toothpaste and soap for long periods of time in cells.

They are also said to be sometimes without food or water – some pipes were broken – for 12 hours.

“City cells are not the place where people should be for long periods of time,” Wickham said.

Layla Staats, right, Skyler Williams, center, and Logan Staats, all from the Six Nations, in the Wet’suwet’en area. (Courtesy of Layla Staats)

Williams and Layla Staats, another filmmaker, from the Six Nations near Hamilton, say their parents and hands were chained and placed in separate rooms, like a box behind SUVs to take them to court in Smithers, BC, on Friday.

Staats described them as “iron dog collars.”

Both said they were not allowed to wear their own clothes and instead were forced into court wearing their underwear.

Williams said: “It was disgusting to be shown this way.

The RCMP has strongly denied allegations of abuse, and said everyone was detained in detention centers.

“The claims of how people are treated like dogs are ridiculous,” the statement said.

“No one was handcuffed during the operation … All the detainees were given the opportunity to choose what kind of clothing to wear while in prison.

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