Ranking the NFL's playoff head coaches in 2022, from Bill Belichick to Rich Bisaccia

The 2021-22 NFL game has five coaches with Super Bowl competition and first four.

Bill Belichick and Andy Reid are at the top of our NFL postseason rankings, yes, and it can hardly be against 36 playoff appearances and eight Super Bowl wins. Belichick is a top seller, but the whole series has some interesting debates.

Should Matt LaFleur of Green Bay be ahead of Sean McVay of Los Angeles? Try the same question with Sean McDermott of Buffalo and Mike Vrabel of Tennessee. Obviously, Mike McCarthy is back in the playoffs.

It will be exciting to see who first Kliff Kingsbury, Zac Taylor, Nick Sirianni and Rich Bisaccia can get their first win.

With this in mind, here is a look at Sporting News NFL playoff coach players:

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1. Bill Belichick, Lovers

Write: 290-143 (31-12 playoffs)

Belichick tied Don Shula with a record NFL 19th playoff form to lead New England to a 10-7 record this season. Belichick has won six Super Bowls as head coach and two others as a co-founder, and his only presence in the playoffs makes rubber and Buffalo fun. Can Belichick lead a race without Tom Brady? We are about to find out.

2. Andy Reid, Chiefs

Record: 233-135-1, (17-15)

Reid is always fourth with 17 playoff appearances. There is a strong problem of putting Reid on No. 1 based on “right now”. The Kings are looking forward to their third consecutive Super Bowl tour, and the Reid-Patrick Mahomes combo is 6-2 in the postseason. Reid has 7-6 in the playoffs since his reign in Kansas City.

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3. Mike Tomlin, Steelers

Write: 154-85-2 (8-8)

Tomlin has two Super Bowl appearances, and the Steelers have not had a losing record since winning 2008. Pittsburgh, however, have not won a playoff game since 2016. A farewell trip to Roethlisberger, but meeting the Chiefs will not be easy. That said, Tomlin could have a few tricks to create a competition.

4. Bruce Arians, Buccaneers

Record: 80-48-1 (5-2)

The Arians made their debut for the Super Bowl last season, and have the opportunity to lead the Buccaneers into the playoffs. Tom Brady helps, but Tampa Bay has struggled with injury and the fall of Antonio Brown released after Week 17. However, the pieces are in another running area, and if anything Tampa Bay is not fully discussed yet.

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5. Matt LaFleur, Packers

Write: 39-10 (2-2)

LaFleur has led the Packers to the best of the best in the season, and this includes NFC North’s competitive form. Green Bay has been set to continue as the No. 1 seed, and the game will be a long one thanks to last season’s final season by Aaron Rodgers. LaFleur was asked to score late against Tampa Bay in an NFC tournament last year. He answered well, but now is the time to run for the Super Bowl. That will not be easy.

6. Sean McVay, Rams

Write: 55-26, 3-3

McVay has led the Rams to four successful 10 seasons in five years, and has a Super Bowl appearance. LaFleur won head-to-head in the playoffs last year and the regular season this year. The Rams have the star power needed to make another run, but it’s up to McVay to take the lead now.

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7. Mike McCarthy, Cowboys

Write: 144-92-2, 10-8

McCarthy has a successful record in Green Bay with Brett Favre and Aaron Rodgers, too. He is the fifth coach on the list to win the Super Bowl, and is back in the playoffs after leading Dallas to a 12-5 record. McCarthy is making his 10th playoff appearance, and his teams have won at least six of those 10 games. He has not been to the playoffs since 2016. We will make sure he confirms it.

8. Mike Vrabel, Titans

Write: 41-24 (4-2)

Vrabel has four consecutive wins, and the Titans are the 1st seed in the AFC despite Derrick Henry being injured. Tennessee was one-and-last last season, and has secured a tough second-place finish. Can Vrabel take the team back to the AFC tournament, this time with a field opportunity?

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9. Sean McDermott, Bills

Write: 49-32 (2-3)

McDermott is on a rollin season. The fee is 34-15 in the regular season, which is tied to the third-best record in the NFL at that level. McDermott led the Bills to the AFC tournament last season, and talent is on all sides to create another competition.

10. Kyle Shanahan, 49ers

Write: 39-42 (2-1)

Shanahan is in the Super Bowl competition, and the 49ers made it to the finals this season. That said, Vrabel and McDermott have been consistent throughout the season. Shanahan can prove this by leading San Francisco to victory in the top flight against the Cowboys.

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11. Kliff Kingsbury, Cardinals

Write: 24-24-1 (0-0)

Kingsbury make their first appearance in the playoffs, and there have been ups and downs for the Cardinals this season. Kyler Murray was carefully selected to make the clearance, and injuries have occurred this season. However, Arizona won 11 games in the quarterfinals.

12. Zac Taylor, Bengals

Write: 16-32-1 (0-0)

Taylor’s first two seasons made a 6-25-1 record, but he blocked most opponents by leading Bengal to a 10-7 record with an AFC North Division title. The Bengals have the top 10 cases at 27.1 ppg, and Taylor has proven to be the right coach for the team built around the frustrated stars Joe Burrow and Ja’Marr Chase. If the Bengals break the postseason drought that lasted until 1990, then this will drive the point further.

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13. Nick Sirianni, Eagles

Write: 9-8 (0-0)

Sirianni is one of six coaches who started the season, and is the only one to make a postseason. The Eagles are 12th in the NFL with a lead (26.1), with Sirianni developing quarterback Jalen Hurts. Philadelphia have also won six of their last eight games.

14. Rich Bisaccia, Raiders

Write: 7-5 (0-0)

This does not knock Bisaccia, who took the Opponents to the playoffs as long-term coach Jon Gruden. The 61-year-old coach has been a lifelong supporter of college and professional sports since 1983. Bisaccia should be considered for the Raiders career, especially if they can beat Cincinnati in the AFC Wild Card round.

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