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Yesterday I visited 2018 PicsArt AI Hackathon. It was very exciting for me because I had heard about such experiences but never went. The hackathon took place at Trekhgornaya Manufaktura. Symbolism exists because the latter is the oldest textile plant in Moscow founded in the late 19th century. As such, it can be interpreted as a visual representation of the global evolution from ancient plants and their technological processes and processes to the advancing blood circulation. technically, redesign (remodeling) the design and marketing of ideas. In other words, the utopia / dystopia of a new media dream factory we have all been enjoying / stressing lately.

AI will probably rule the world in the future (or not) but in the year 2018 AD, there are still animal bag speakers making up the festival. I was not impressed with the skills he shared with some of them because of the language (my geekish and very poor). I was there story – and I’m not just talking about Instagram.

The following two cases are of great interest to me: presented by Yuri Melnichek who sold her service for Mail.Ru Group is AI story a company at Google, mainly working for Victor Shaburov who sold it Handster the company at Opera is Good looking start at Snapchat where he works as Director of Engineering. Victor provided his advice on the best B2B marketing strategy set up by the right team that was

  • analyst,
  • video group,
  • photographers,
  • business managers (attractive women, native speakers).

Simple as it seems, it works, and if it doesn’t break, don’t repair it. I liked Pelevin’s appearance as he tried to sell Looksery before planning, for example, selling the concept of a support program and redesigning it and focusing on consumers and their needs.

I was very happy to hear Victor’s story because it is well known that Russians can use technology but we are not PRUSSians IYKWIM. Fortunately, I have to agree with it – Russians, for the most part, know how to walk and talk – not how to properly represent their actions. You have a learning experience.

Just to give you an idea of ​​what this hackathon really was: over 150 teams and hackers in Russia participants in the event, 26 came last, 12 made their projects and 5 of them won the PicsArt AI Days hackathon prize from $ 10K to 30K respectively (100K total).

Groups that caught my attention:

4th place – a group of all women – their piece can create a ‘perfect’ image from a number of non-perfect by combining beautiful parts together.

Place 2 – The boys developed a program that turns videos into jokes. The leader of the group shocked me (in a positive way) when he told me that the European AI scenario was much worse than the Russian AI’s in terms of organization.

1 place – a group from Lvov who have decided to go to Moscow despite the military rules in Ukraine and who have worked on aging / repairing / making glass. Btw good news for PR only!

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