Positive Graham McCormack acquires a taste for titles

Graham McCormack [6(1)-1(0)] they have a taste for roles after taking their lives into the spotlight last week.

Limerick middleweight fought Paul Kean for the needy Head of Celtic BUI in Glasgow on Friday and even though he did very well he lost points.

However, the tasting did not leave a bitter taste in the mouth of the 34-year-old, instead it all heightened his interest and he wants to take part in similar fights in 2022.

‘G Train’ does not want to come back to the opposition and hopes to stay in the title next year.

“I want this kind of fight from now on,” he told Irish-boxing.com.

“I had a lot of fun the other night. It was a big fight to have and I want more. I want more at the same level and more head fights, it’s true,” he added before reluctantly admitting that his luggage had gone up.

“Look, I lost but there was a head fight and I lost to a very good boxer. He is also a professional boxer, having achieved some success in his career. You may say that my luggage went away, not to mention. All I can say is enjoy what I did in this war.

Skipping class, you can’t ask for more information about the famous County Covenant fighter. Proving that he could work around the head of the house, he did everything he could to upset Scot and keep his promise of happiness, all of which he comforted himself with.

“I did what I said. I have brought war, then say whatever you want about me but I play and I will be. Boxing is like a life in which we celebrate our achievements but we have to lose, learn from them and move on.

Wasint my night one night But its punch we live and we learn that I will be back well in 2022 ☝️🥊 https://t.co/GEKWhJfGil

McCormack admits he was not happy with the closure of the bout but has no problem with the results.

“Scoring was silly. Everyone knows it was a close fight but fairly, the right person got the choice at night.

“I will not be known as a failure. Paul won the fight and I gave up some rounds. I had 5 to 3 rounds at night and after looking back it was how I did it. I would have jumped on him from round 1 but it is alive, “he adds before summarizing what is happening.

“What do I think of this fight? It was a good fight, it was close and I loved every moment. I was so excited in it that I went in and stuck to the game plan.

“I want to thank my teacher Clubber [Shaun Kelly] for all the work he put in with me, my manager Ian and Sam Kynoch for being with us at the show. I must also say thank you for all my travel support. I was so moved that they all came. 40 plus came with me, which is amazing at this time of year. Thanks again to everyone in Limerick who listened and all my assistants. I want to assure them that I will be back in 2022. “

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