Politico, Desperate for Some Democratic Infighting, Publishes Ridiculous Piece on Buttigieg and Harris Friction

Republicans are about to clash with one another over threats to Trump’s “credentials” to the electorate whom McConnell and McCarthy considers possible, fearing the more racist Marjorie Taylor-Greenes or Madison Cawthorn. The Republican Party is on the verge of collapse because it is not a party. It is the tyrannical rule of one man of iron, an example to the world if he regains final power.

But, obviously, Politico is not satisfied with that then publishing Republican stories on their necks. He has to print a small embarrassing piece on another “argument” between Sec. Buttigieg is working against Vice President Harrison and working for the next president Biden.

There is a perception – completely absurd – that President Biden has no intention of running for re-election. The man is not young, nor is he seeking glory. The idea is that the Biden ran to save the country for Trump, as the only Democrat who was able to beat Trump. The election results show that Biden was probably right in that calculation.

But Biden is not stupid and there is no way he can make himself a crippled duck on the first day of office by declaring himself fit for the one time. We do not know and we do not know his purposes. But this does not deter those who want to prepare “if it happens,” and who are competing, according to some, in the Democratic election, if Biden leaves, with Vice President Harris and Pete. Buttigieg.

According to Politics, writing about Sec. Pete:

“I would say one thing I really enjoy about the project, even though it is very complex and requires a lot, and that this is the smallest I have been thinking about in campaigns and elections for almost a decade and it is very difficult. Very good,” he told POLITICO on Friday. wearing tight-fitting and protective yellow hats on the construction site nearby. Terminal 4 at Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport.

While Buttigieg says he is not considering a bid to replace Biden, within the West Wing, some are considering him. His name is sometimes cited by candidates as the next democratically elected president in 2028 – or 2024 if the president decides not to run.

Oh, be quiet! The man is 39 years old, has the opportunity to be found in an important cabinet, and has incredible talent. Of course, if he runs for office, someone might say, of course, that he will run for president … sometime in the next two to 32 years. Vice President Harris and Deputy Vice President Youth. The two have been competing in some way – not harmfully, for a while. At the moment, this seems to be a mess of the palace among the lower castes than what each of the participants is concerned about.

Besides, if one of the two of them thinks too much about the future to better serve the task at hand, he or she may lose sight of the future. But try Politico. Republicans are fighting to the point where they are very close to the “end” of some people, but let’s write what the deputy communications manager whispers in every Democrats’ staff.

Eyes on the ball, Politico. One party wants to destroy our entire system as we know it by creating a dictatorial dictatorship ready in advance, the other trying to run the government. An eye on the ball.

Jason Miciak is a politician, writer, writer, and lawyer. She is originally from Canada but grew up in the Pacific Northwest as two Canadian-American citizens, whom she treats with great respect every day. He now enjoys life as a single man, writing from the Gulf Coast, receiving advice from his beloved daughter and friend. He is a very dreamy magician who can add and love dogs more than most people. She also enjoys studying cooking, theoretical physics, cosmology, and quantum mechanics. He loves pizza.

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