Phemex Trader’s Arena 4: $750,000 Up for Grabs

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Phemex is pleased to announce the launch of the 4th edition of the most popular commercial competition – Phemex Trader’s Arena.

Join the Struggle to Win a $ 750,000 Prize With Phemex Trader’s Arena

PT Arena’s previous competition only counted BTCUSD trading volume, but this time everything deals available on Phemex will count.

The main reward package and its design remain the same, but this time Phemex is adding extras opportunities for participants who have saved money in their contract sales account at the time of enrollment.

Since all contracts are available, each participant can have a ROI on all of their USD and BTC accounts. Any ROI that is elevated (in USD or BTC trading account) calculates the final ROI of the group. Each reward, the results will be calculated using the combined PnL on both USD and BTC accounts.


Nov. 25 2021 – Dec. 9 2021: Captain and Team Registration Period

Dec. 9 2021 8 AM UTC – Dec. 24 2021 8 AM UTC: Competition Time

Dec. 24 2021 – Jan. 7 2022: Distribution of Rewards

Student Reward Pack (USD)

Reward of PT Arena 4 depends on the number of participants. The more participants, the more rewards there are. Therefore, managers and players, hurry up to mobilize your teams, get tied up and get ready to do business. $ 750,000 in BTC waiting to be reported.

Team Growth and Captain Rewards

In this edition of Trader’s Arena we will continue with the Team Captains awards. Anyone who can make a team successfully will receive a prize that varies according to the size of the team.

Deposit Payment

In this edition of PT Arena, we will provide sales bonuses to participants who deposit sufficient funds into their contract sales account at the time of registration. Bonus purchases and deposit limits can be found in the table below. All sales bonuses will be shared after the competition, along with other prizes.

Competition Format

Entrepreneurs who have enough influence to attract a large group can sign up to become Team Leaders Pano. All eligible entrepreneurs can join the groups or managers they want.

The approved group must have at least ten members. Any teams that do not meet these requirements at the start of the competition will be eliminated. Members will then be randomly assigned to other eligible groups.

The group rankings will take the Return on Investment (ROI) of the top 10 traders in each category. All participants will be re-nominated and individually rewarded. Contrary to classification, individual goals will be set Profit and Loss (PnL).

More information on how to calculate individual and group ROI formulas can be found on the competition page.

Reward Division

The final prize will be divided into two categories: Group Rewards and Individual Rewards.

Team Awards make up 78% of the final prize pool. The distinctions are as follows:

  • The First Place Group receives 25% of the total prize
  • The 2nd Place Group receives 15% of the total prize
  • The 3rd Place Group receives 8% of the total prize
  • Groups of 4 to 10 places receive an equal share of 30% of total prize
    • The captains of the winning team receive 40% of their team’s prize
    • The top 10 members of each winning team will share 30% of their team’s reward equally. All other members share the remaining 30%
    • If the winning team has less than 20 members, the captain will receive 40% of the team’s prize, while the other 60% will be shared equally among all others. Accounts with less than $ 500 during the competition may not be eligible for any prize.

Personal Rewards are 22% of the final prize pool. The distinctions are as follows:

  • First Person receives 8% of the total prize
  • Second Person receives 5% of total income
  • The Third Party receives 2% of the total amount
  • An individual of 4-10 individuals receives an equal share of 7% of the total prize tar.

Users are eligible to participate with one account. Please make sure the email you use to enter the event corresponds to the approved Phemex UID.

Reminder to take care of legal issues when you submit your email (it is very difficult).

Once the competition starts, if the BTC user account value is below 0.005 BTC or USD the trading account value is below $ 200, the starting price will still be calculated as .005 BTC or $ 200 respectively.

To view any other rules, prize drawings, and competition requirements, go to the landing page Pano.

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