Patient sentenced for assaulting doctor in Palma

This is Espases Hospital, Palma. storage image.

A patient at Son Espases Hospital has been was sentenced to 3 months and 10 days in prison for assaulting a doctor, according to the Official College of Physicians.

He is also ordered to pay a fine of 120 euros due to injuries that came to the doctor.

The accident happened in an Emergency in September last year 2020. Disappointed by the delay in the analysis, the respondent suffered a psychotic disorder and he slapped the doctor in the face while carrying goods in an ambulance.

The court overturned the defendant’s decision to seek external medical treatment.

Ataukira, The doctor told the Official College of Physicians of the Balearic Islands according to protocol and was represented by lawyer María Antonia Fuster, on behalf of Fiol Abogados, who provided legal advice to Comib.

According to Article 550 of the Spanish Penal Code, hitting a medical doctor while on duty is considered. charged with treason.

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