Parts of B.C. were devastated by an atmospheric river. More of them are on the way


List of rain warnings

Areas still reeling from floods and mudslides in southern BC are expected to experience heavy rains this weekend, as highways are closed and thousands of people have left their homes.

Environment Canada issued several rain warnings areas southwest BC Thursday night. Up to 80 mm the rainfall is set near mountains, and 50 mm near the coast.

In some parts of the Fraser Valley, where flooding operations are still under way, up to 10 inches[50 mm]is expected to fall by Friday morning.

Currently, residents of Sumas Prairie in Abbotsford are reminded and government officials not to use their water for anything other than flushing toilets due to pollution and flooding.

Recent seasons are not as difficult as “once a hundred years” storm of Nov. 13-15 which destroyed the southwest of the region, but strong south-east winds near the water are also predictable.

‘I am still in the unknown territory’

Cold weather is also expected to rise above the mountains. Rising temperatures could lead to snowmelt and increase flooding and land already flooded by early storms, although strong winds can cause rivers and streams to rise faster and more likely to overflow, Environment Canada said.

“We are still in an unfamiliar area when it comes to the storm,” BC People’s Defense Minister Mike Farnworth told a news conference Wednesday, noting that since mid-September there have been about a dozen rivers in the air.

“Having several destructive storms in a row is not very close.”

After Thursday’s storm, another is expected to arrive on the beach on Saturday.

Local and local authorities have been reminding people in flood-prone areas to be prepared to leave and to go carry emergency equipment.

A car crash appears in the floodwaters in Abbotsford on Nov. 18. The area can see 50 mm of rain on Thursday. (Oliver Walters / CBC)

Highway to reopen

The Fraser Valley in BC, including the city of Abbotsford southeast of Vancouver, has been severely affected by the floods.

One area that has been devastated by floods is the Sumas Prairie area east of the city. The area under the ‘do not use’ water line runs from Angus Campbell Road in the west, to Highway One in the north, the Chilliwack border in the east, to the US border and Old Yale Road in the south. Other parts of Abbotsford were not affected.

The mayor of Abbotsford, Henry Braun, said that although recent dike repairs have prevented water from entering the lowlands, the city should continue to supply water and that standing water is still preventing refugees from returning.

NOTE | Troops and occupants prepare for storm in Abbotsford:

Troops are working to protect BC areas from further flooding

Troops and residents clashed over sandbags Wednesday near Abbotsford, BC, as the floodplain prepared for heavy rains in the next few days. 2:43

Most of the displaced were farmers. The BC Dairy Association estimates that more than 500 cattle were lost as a result of the floods, as well as “thousands” of chickens and 20,000 pigs.

However, the region is expected to be reunited with the rest of the region. The main road connecting Abbotsford to Metro Vancouver and Inner – Highway 1 through Fraser Valley – is due to reopen around 9pm PT Thursday.

“We know people in the area need to move around,” said Rob Fleming, BC’s minister of transportation and construction. “This will provide great relief.”

Credo Christian High School students help a farmer clean his garden after the floodwaters recede in the Arnold, BC, area of ​​Fraser Valley Wednesday, Nov. 24, 2021. (Ben Nelms / CBC)

Other damaged roads in the region, including Highway 5 and Road 8, is expected to take a long time to repair due to a major explosion in several sections.

Road traffic restrictions continue for many reasons, and the district has also promised to close highways during the storm if there is a risk to motorists.

Closure of schools and courts

Due to the flood, the Merritt court has been closed until about 3 Dec., and court officials have asked anyone who is required to appear in court from now on to send an email to [email protected] to find out when and where visibility.

District 58 schools, which include Merritt and Princeton, remain closed until further notice.

Military assistance from the government continues to arrive

Hundreds of troops are supporting the emergency services in the region.

Than 30 Members of the Canadian Army, as well as the intelligence team, was dispatched to the flooded city of Princeton at BC Interior Wednesday. He helped build levees and white mud roads before the storm hit Thursday, and could be encouraged by more troops if needed, said Mayor Spencer Coyne.

The Soldiers also assisted with sand transport operations in Abbotsford on Wednesday.

Troops fill sandbags to prevent Princeton’s canals from flooding again in Princeton, BC Wednesday, Nov. 24, 2021. (Maggie MacPherson / CBC)

Federal assistance was also reached to alleviate the difficulties in the region, with Ottawa’s offer $ 4.1 million in emergency financial assistance to Vancouver Fraser Port Authority Wednesday.

These funds have been set up to help generate more carriers, even in the best of circumstances in the region. resumption of Railway links in.

British Columbians ordered to evacuate their homes from Nov. 14 to 16 due to flooding. eligible to receive $ 2,000 from the Red Cross. To get the money, refugees must register with the Red Cross by calling 1-800-863-6582.

Risk Financial Assistance it is also available through the district government to homeowners, lenders, small business owners, farmers and service providers who do not have access to insurance to cover accident risks. Deadline asking and Feb. 12, 2022.


  • Several reports have been obtained BC’s flood management system is arbitrary, and the district assigns responsibilities to local municipalities and creates areas where “roles and responsibilities are not well defined.”

  • The sister of one of the victims in the deadly mud north of Vancouver on Highway 99 remembering the “unselfish” person. who cared for everyone around him.

  • RCMP police in Merritt called “pet detective” rescued more than 100 domestic birds, cats, lizards and hamsters from relocated homes in the city.

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