Parliament 'storm' fails to strike after 'sovereign man' in court clash

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The “Independent Citizens” did nothing to “destroy” the old Parliament on Saturday, instead marching to the new parliament and laying flowers in peace. The storm failed to hit just hours after a man was arrested when police knocked down a camp near a magistrate’s court, telling him he could “speak” after saying he had “no power”. Tensions have been running high in the House of Representatives in recent weeks as protesters, many of them anti-vaccine, have set up camp near the Aboriginal Tent, who does not agree with the group. Police in riot gear stormed a rally on Friday, removing hundreds of protesters by truck. But for many officials who came back Saturday morning to quell any “storm” in the Old Parliament, the region was empty. During the day, however, about 100 people gathered in front of the hall and passed by a nearby parliament building. Police lined up there two lines and allowed women and children to pass through the first one to place flowers next to the doors of Parliament, while a second group of policemen stood. The protesters then switched to talking on a megaphone, one accusing COVID-19 of being “cold-blooded” and another destroying a vaccine to prevent people from being criticized. One woman said the flowers were kept in memory of children who were allegedly killed by the “poison called vaccine”. An ACT police spokesman said only one was arrested in connection with Saturday’s protests. A man who was seen driving on a lawn near the Old Parliament House was arrested for driving without a license. Members of the protest group, some of whom were banned from Parkes after being charged with arson on December 30 at the Old Parliament House recently, have been trying to evict officials from state houses in hopes of establishing a “people’s council”. They say there is no evidence of “national sovereignty” and that the federal government is an “organization”. The “independent citizen” who was detained Friday in the camp, Richard Leslie Jarrett, spoke about the idea in the ACT Magistrate’s Court on Saturday. He challenged Judge Beth Campbell, telling him he could “speak” after insisting he had “no jurisdiction”. “I do not want your permission, let me assure you,” Campbell told the 49-year-old man. Prosecutor Lauren Knobel said Jarrett agreed to allow police to stay in Parkes, but he was found there and arrested for violating the law around 6pm on Friday. The court heard that the court’s decisions were based on criminal charges at The Lobby Restaurant and that it had a long-range publicity for no apparent reason on December 24. When Mrs. Campbell read the charges to Mr. Jarrett, who described himself as “an independent person”. did not enter into complaints. “I oppose any law-abiding statement,” he said four times. The independent spokesman also referred to Ms Campbell as he called her Mr Jarrett. “I am Chief Bumajin Gumbaynggiirr,” the man told him. The judge replied: “Good for you.” Accused of being “insulting”, Ms Campbell admitted she was “a little”. Jarrett did not elaborate, saying: “I am sorry.” When Knobel told the court he could not ask for Jarrett’s bail, Campbell agreed to release him. The judge also changed the bail conditions to allow Jarrett to return once to Parkes, along with police, to seize their property. Mr Jarrett is due back in court on February 9. Our correspondents are working hard to provide the latest news to the community. Here is how you can continue to find what we believe:



January 15 2022 – 5:30 PM

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