Pakistan’s biggest award function disregards walkouts, protests and call to boycott Ali Zafar

Pakistani celebrities miss out on the opportunity to become a pope in how to deal with sexual harassment. Their exciting websites have reports on what is happening in the #MeToo cases around the world.

But it’s a different picture when it comes to their #MeToo cases.

Pakistani filmmakers have shown utter disregard for the torture charge against their star Ali Zafar.

In April 2018, singer Meesha Shafi claimed to have been raped by Ali Zafar.

Singer Meesha Shafi and Ali Zafar were friends in the same group

According to Pakistan Tribune Newspaper, a mother of two went on Twitter to share her experience. Shafi said he shared his story because he felt that such talk violated the culture of silence.

In a photo posted on Twitter, the singer wrote, “I have been physically abused by a colleague of mine: Ali Zafar. The incident did not happen when I was young or just starting work. as a mother of two. ”

Meesha, who is also a spokeswoman for L’oreal Paris, also said that this has been very painful for her and her family. “She has a person I have known for many years and a person with whom I shared the stage. I can see that she has been deceived by her behavior and attitude and I know I am not alone. ”

He replied that he was denying the allegations and accusing him of defamation against Shafi.

With the high profile #Metoo going on, one expects a bit of self-denial from the Pakistani movie industry. But no, Pakistan Lux Style Awards (LSA) has announced that Ali Zafar has been nominated for Best Award in 2019.

What he did in one of Pakistan’s most influential people was shocking.

Celebrities and the recipients of the Lux Style Awards in Pakistan came out of the ceremony to protest the inclusion of Ali Zafar. In response, the organizers issued a statement saying they were not involved in Metoo cases in Pakistan.

What is happening and these words look like a blow to the #Metoo group in Pakistan which was already voted one of the worst countries in terms of Women’s Protection and Women’s Rights.

Daily Times, Pakistan says it all started when artist Eman Suleman announced on his Instagram account. The newspaper reported: “A 27-year-old Pakistani girl had a disagreement with someone who thought she was sexually abusive, who was also a prominent figure in the awards ceremony.

Here is the video.

A few days later, it was time for Meesha Shafi who knelt on the occasion with a Twitter post.

Next up was the famous Pakistani leader Jami, who not only came out of the show, but also lost three LSA awards on the road in protest. He also posted it on social media.

Following this incident in Pakistan and according to final reports about nine celebrities came out of the event.

Here are some of the names that removed their names (the list is still being edited when more people come and remove their names). They are: Eman Suleman, Meesha Shafi, Rubbab Ali, The Sketches, Generation, Saima Bargfrede and Fatima Nasir.

Let us expect these Pakistani celebrities to clean their homes before educating others outside their country.

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