Owner leaves people sobbing after making Christmas decoration from dying dog’s last stick

The 12-year-old dog, Boycie, began to slowly decline earlier this year, and was found with a heart attack, and began to refuse to come out. But on his last trip, the dead dog brought home a large stick that the owner knew would be good for repeating what he had seen online.

“Boycie was a good boy at heart and could rarely do any harm to anyone,” says the 48-year-old boy. Every time we go out we give him back the stick, and when we find out he is not well, we started to save the family because I saw an idea on Pinterest that I wanted to do – and I know better. a dog to get me. “

The mother of three paid tribute to her beloved Staffordshire bull terrier, using magical lights and festivities. The big staff is now proud of its location in its home in Maidstone, Kent.

Andrea adds: “I have my favorite electronics and jewelry, and I have come to terms with my situation, since I love to do things like that. It hasn’t been a very good year, so I want to make some Christmas decorations for a little fun, and this is one of the ones I will be going out every year now. “Boycie was hospitalized four weeks ago after doctors discovered a tumor on his heart that would have been difficult to treat.

Andrea explains: “Last year, she started to get sick, her thighs hurt, and she had trouble breathing. We took her to the younger generation and she said she had a heart attack, but because of her age it was not appropriate for her to have the operation, so we said good-bye to her about four weeks ago. ”

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