Outgoing alderman proud of accomplishments

HONEY GROVE – After 14 years serving as an alderman at City of Honey Grove, Thad Weems decided to end his competition and not seek re-election this year.

He is proud of his time on the council, but wants to see more people helping to run the city, he said.

The dedication that led him to start competing for his first position at Honey Grove, and he wants others to be interested in the city’s events by volunteering for city boards and other development events.

“When I returned to Honey Grove in the summer of 2006, I started volunteering with the Honey Grove First Responders and Fire Department. I was an architect for education and work, so there were some things I saw in the city that I thought I could do on the field. my credentials are nominal. ”

The focus of his years on the council, from 2007 to 2021, was to build the town.

“My goal was to see where I could help the city with its development. A few months before my appointment, I had started a new job in Paris at Hayter Engineering and was learning about the challenges of being an engineer in a small town in northern Texas, ”he said. “I’ve worked on a site development project for McKinney, so I know the laws and construction challenges that the big city faces when their systems are pushed and expanded to meet demands that may not have been tailored.”

Also with his work on the city architecture he looks back with excitement.

“The quality of our water supply has come a long way in the last 10 years. Like many small towns, the cost of running the system has hampered many development plans because emergency funding must be available on a regular basis or rented to replace pumps, casings, repaint and maintenance, and elevations. tanks, ”he said. “One day, we had to commit to borrowing money to drill a new well, the design was completed and this package was ready to be disbursed when the ARRA (American Relief Recovery Act) money arrived on the market. we began to order the work.

“Then, since the other tasks were not ‘shovels’ as it used to be, we were ‘shovels’. As a result, we were able to access the new well with ARRA funding and use the initial investment to advance the new water tower and major system repairs, “he said.

The city’s main task was to acquire new mines west of the town, he said.

“There was a problem of running water and behavior in the west for the entire time I was near Honey Grove. Although $ 3 million did not go as planned and took a year longer than we expected, we now have a better way across town that could be the backbone. change the smaller lines if money is available, ”he said.

Weems lived in Honey Grove until they moved to Texas A&M at College Station, and after graduation they lived and worked in the McKinney area.

“I returned to Honey Grove in 2006 and have been steady ever since,” he said.

“At the moment my goals are to continue working as a lieutenant in the Garland Fire Brigade, to continue renovating my house, to spend more time renovating our church building and to educate my children through home schools,” he said.

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