Organising the booster

One day, a few weeks ago, I went to my local hospital to get a flu shot. In doing so, a booster jab was mentioned. To my surprise, health officials managed to reserve this instant with the flu. I was surprised, because at the time I wasn’t in the middle of an encouraging year.

This was Tuesday. The meeting was on Thursday. On Tuesday, the PAC, where they were vaccinating, called me and told me to go. What I did. Mu and outside without waiting, I did not have enough time to identify all the vaccine needles that were designed for weapons. Where were these arms? It was not as if there were a line of people. And it was, now, after seven o’clock in the afternoon.

I did not regret it, since encouragement was given locally. There was no delay in going to the Inca playground, but compared to the consistent (and effective) method of one and two jabs, this seemed random, and the progress with the motivating campaign makes me wonder how the project is progressing.

Example – Only 50% of those who had a single jab of Janssen, and who were the first group, had a boost. Also, there is little disagreement about the number of booster jabs in Balearics – the records of global and regional health services.

Preparation is essential. How well is the advocacy campaign well organized?

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