Ontario homeowner allowed to keep flying anti-Trudeau flag after town backs down

The landlord hoisted the F * ck Trudeau flag after the September election, following his frustration with the Liberal victory.

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A woman in the city of Niagara in Port Colborne, Ontario, has been allowed to continue hoisting an anti-Trudeau flag at her home after protesting against a city ordinance.

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The flag says F * ck Trudeau, a “u” represented by a maple leaf.

The landlord raised the flag the day after the September 2021 federal election, following his frustration with the Liberal victory.

In November, the owner, “Melissa,” read an article in the local newspaper about the displeasure of the city and its flag. Until then he did not know about any arguments.

A few days later, he received a notification from the city saying he had to remove the flag for violating the Port Colborne Housing Bylaws, which states that “the outside walls of the building and its sections do not contain unauthorized signs, inscriptions, notes and notes. Similar errors.”

The Canadian Consitution Foundation (CCF) from Alberta became aware of the situation and assisted the householder in appealing the decision. The CCF is a non-partisan organization that focuses on the rights and freedoms of Canadian law.

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“Like any Canadian citizen, Melissa has the right to be protected by the Charter to express her political views. “Instead of trying to tell Melissa what to say and what not to say,” CCF Attorney Christine Van Geyn said in a statement.

Van Geyn told the National Post that the city mentioned the language used in the flag, denouncing it. “Technically, it’s not swearing,” Van Geyn said, adding that the landlord posted the flag online.

Melissa filed a petition and paid a fine to challenge the city’s ordinance, and was initially told that her appeal would not be heard.

But this week, under threat of lawsuits, a the city is broken up, and Melissa is allowed to continue flying the flag.

City officials did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Van Geyn said the case was a victory for free speech and Port Colborne was wrong in its actions.

“We hope that Melissa’s experience will serve as an example to other towns and cities, and that Canadians will be free to express their political views without interference from municap officials,” Van Geyn said.

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Melissa, who has received fine treatment in the area, said she was happy that Port Colborne was back on track. “I am proud to continue to express my views on politics, which is my right as a Canadian,” he said in a statement to CCF.

Van Geyn said this was not the first time the CCF had competed effectively with municipalities for political signs. The commission had earlier met with Yarmouth, Nova Scotia, which had attempted to pass a bill forbidding voter support.

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