OnlyFans ‘daddy’ David Pevsner says younger men ‘sneer’ at him for still using condoms

David Pevsner describes what it was like to have an AIDS epidemic. (Issued)

David Pevsner vividly remembers his old age as a homosexual when the AIDS epidemic devastated the community.

Realizing your sexuality and looking at your body is not always easy – but for the whole generation of stupid people, HIV throwing a dark shadow of shame and stigma on sex.

David Pevsner is a 63-year-old actor and former escort who has made his own work for OnlyFans with his catchy photos. You may he saw her pa Modern Family, Desperate Housewives and Anatomy of Gray, to name just a few of the shows he played.

You may be forgiven for thinking that you have always been self-confident – but that is not far from the whole picture.

David arrived in New York in 1982 when the AIDS epidemic hit the city. The advent of HIV – and much more – brought permanent embarrassment. He explores these topics in his interesting, often humorous, and frustrating writings Damn Shame.

When asked what it was like to have the AIDS epidemic, David’s answer was simple.

“Fear,” he says. He was just scared, scared, scared.

Stupid people of that day learned how HIV is transmitted – through unprotected sex – so they were able to start making their own rules to protect themselves. Throughout the years, David has often had sex relations, whether men or women accompanying him. However, sex has never been a concern for her – and this is a consequence of old age during the AIDS epidemic.

David Pevsner is performing on stage. (Issued)

You always say, ‘Oh, what if the rubber is broken?’ Or, ‘Why should he throw me into the eye?’ I mean, there were some things we didn’t really know, ”says David.

“You sit there and watch your friends get sick and die, and you keep thinking: ‘The target is in my backyard. It was a lot of fear – however, you had to keep going. It’s not that I didn’t have sex – I he said, but it was wrapped in oil.

“It wasn’t a problem for me – for some guys it was. Even to PrEP, it was like, there were things I could do and things I would not do and you did not convince me otherwise because I have come so far, I have remained useless, I do not want to force myself too much. Now, I was kinky – I had my kinks and I enjoyed it – but I wasn’t like, ‘Leave it all!’ There were no 100 percent exceptions to what I did, and as you may know, I would love to be exempt from 100 percent, but I probably would not be here. ”

For David and his descendants, the scars of the AIDS epidemic are far greater.

“It did not go away,” he says. “I still follow my rules about sex, and maybe with the right person I can change a little bit or add to it, but when you’re out and about having casual sex or whatever, it just happens. It makes sense to me: wear rubber, be careful, but have fun.”

David Pevsner says he encountered a problem with condom use

Even then, the culprit was treating her with syphilis, much to her chagrin. However, the pain of those years is still there.

He knows that most young men today do not use condoms. Some take PrEP (pre-exposure prophylaxis), a drug that prevents HIV infection every day. Some are free to warn, perhaps with the knowledge that HIV is not the death penalty as it once was.

David has been around a few people young homosexual homosexuals who like to use condoms.

“I don’t like being rude to people at all,” she said. “I respect the way you do it in your life, you good king respect the way I do mine. If you tell me, ‘You’re too careful, you’re stupid, you’re on PrEP’ – don’t tell me how I feel, especially when we’re f ** k and I don’t see it anymore. Don’t try to judge that.”

David remembers being at a party a few years ago when a handsome young man, funny, and young began to beat him.

“He got in my ear, and he was like, ‘You know in the future I’ll take you home and push my d ** k into you,’ or something like that. And I was like, ‘Well I hope it got a ball in there!’ And he goes, ‘Yeah, no.’ I said, ‘What do you mean?’ And he said, ‘No, I can’t do that.’ I said, ‘You can no to do that? ‘ A wonderful, fun moment in which we were transformed: ‘No, I do not do this,’ because they mock me. “

You were not only afraid of your friends but also of yourself.

Indeed, the whole experience of condoms and sex is a different beast from people who have lived through the worst years of the AIDS epidemic. For people like David, sex was more difficult because the virus that spread in their area was political and was used as evidence that gay life was wrong. There is now a whole generation of queer sex people who have no memory of that time.

David says: “There might be some guys who don’t want to listen to my advice. “You know, it has a lot of buttons, it really cares about sex if you want to be comfortable. I mean, that’s it. Ine do. That’s right Ine hold it. Think about what you can do and do what you want to do. ”

He wants the next generation to learn their history

David writes about his memories of the AIDS epidemic in his writings Damn Shame because he thinks it is important that the moment be remembered. It is not easy for him to imagine his time as a new player in New York because of the increasing number of deaths and destruction.

“You were not only afraid of your friends but also of yourself,” he recalls. “I worked with people in the show, and they got sick, and then we found out they were HIV positive. The theater people were very supportive of the guys living with HIV and AIDS – try to get them to work as hard as they can, not like , ‘Get away from me!’ just like any other human being. ”

David doesn’t want to “cause fear” in young people by sharing their memories – he just wants to make sure the dead are remembered and that the next generation knows what happened. He also believes that we need to look at the AIDS epidemic to find the answers we are making to the COVID-19 epidemic.

He said: “History can teach you things. “Dr Anthony Fauci, with AIDS, all we have, fought for him – he was his representative – and now he is scolding him for trying to do the right thing … epidemics already, god forbid that. Get your f ** king vaccine with exercise and clothing masks of your god, you fool.

David Pevsner attends the 2021 Outfest Los Angeles LGBTQ Film Festival.David Pevsner attends the 2021 Outfest Los Angeles LGBTQ Film Festival.
David Pevsner attends the 2021 Outfest Los Angeles LGBTQ Film Festival. (Amanda Edwards / Getty)

“Every time I hear this kind of thing Fox News or anti-skeletal substances, I am like, this is the second plague in my life – AIDS being the first – we need to pull together and deal with it and learn what to do which is what homosexuals did. The whole LGBT + group – everyone pulled together, because we could see our dead brothers and sisters. Yes, 800,000 Americans died [from COVID-19] – are we pulling together? No, we are not. It’s disgusting.”

David does not want his little ones to think that he is trying to trick them. They just want to make sure that people take care of themselves and put their health and sexual health first.

“I believe that if you do this, you are taking care of yourself – that’s all. We need to end the bad judgment we treat each other.”

Damn Shame and David Pevsner is out now.

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