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Media Release – Michael Ferguson, Minister of Infrastructure and Transport, 14 January 2022

Progress is a way to reduce traffic congestion at Southern Outlet

The Tasmania government is making progress in developing its transit route as the only way to address the traffic problem at the Southern Outlet.

The government has quietly continued its work with key landowners on Dynnyrne Road and the number of affected property will be less than what has been repeatedly and falsely reported by Labor and Greens.

I am pleased to announce that as a result of our mutually respectful partnership with the landlords, some of the purchases that have been discussed have now been approved. Also, depending on the final engineering advice, at least four buildings may be available.

As a minister dedicated to helping the citizens of Kingston is the answer, I have consistently stated that any landowners affected by this new approach will be treated with dignity and generosity and that has always been the case.

Greens’ Cassy O’Connor has revealed his fraud at the Southern Outlet. He has failed to support this despite strongly recommending buses for cars. Ms O’Connor could not afford to travel, which would be the only bus and bus with a large number of people, plus 70 extra buses a day between Hobart and Kingston every day.

Currently the opposition Labor party has a plan to meet people at the Southern Outlet. Despite taking action as part of the Hobart City Deal, Labor wants to regularly reprimand more than 50,000 residents of Kingborough and Huon areas for wasting time on taxes and networks that cannot be tampered with.

The Tasmania government is continuing its work to find a solution to the problem of traffic congestion on the roads and that the outcome will be a continuous dialogue with homeowners and the illumination of geo-technical areas of the winter road.

Bass Highway at Leith security adjustments

The Tasmania government has responded to local concerns about crossing the Bass Highway in Leith and has instead taken additional steps to provide access to the highway from the existing two sections.

Instead of constructing a separate cross-section, the intersections of Bass Highway and Short Street and Braddons Lookout Road are well-designed, making it easier and safer for cars to enter and exit the road.

This is a new design, which came as a result of feedback and additional technical expertise purchased by the government growth department.

The new design features a permanent separation of right-hand lanes to improve road safety. This will allow the vehicles to turn right and down the Bass lane on both sides as well as a sharp separation of the left and right lanes.

A summary of the discussion results can be viewed online at: www.transport.tas.gov.au/leithsafetyupgrade

We are committed to providing a supplement that enhances security – which cannot be negotiated. Once the preparation is complete, the Department of Government Growth will monitor traffic flow and safety measures to reduce the risk of accidents.

Comments will be required on the final stages of cross-border development this quarter.

Ella Haddad MP, member of Labor at Clark, 14 January 2022

Time to stop the fifth violence system

It is time for the government to halt its brutal demolition plans at Hobart’s Southern Outlet.

Clark Labor Member Ella Haddad said the government had backtracked on their decision to demolish a house in Leith and do the same in Dynnyrne.

“It is amazing that despite the public outrage and indifference, the government is moving forward with its fifth term,” Haddad said.

“We saw in Leith yesterday what the power of the people could do, when the government decided not to demolish people’s houses and devise another way.

“Why can’t they do this with Southern Outlet?

“The narrow street from Olinda Grove to Macquarie Street does not eliminate traffic congestion, all of which leave people homeless within the housing crisis.

“Minister Ferguson should change his mind about the job as he did for Leith Overpass and instead look for other ways to help reduce traffic congestion.

“The government needs to reconsider the process, the community has expressed its views and it is time for Ferguson to listen.”

Publishing Release – Cassy O’Connor MP, Greens Leader, 13 January 2021

Leith Overpass Reversal Sign of Election Fear

Vulnerable residents of Leith will be free to follow Gutwein Government’s plans to relocate the area beyond their peaceful town.

The idea is that there is a lot of fear in the election, both the Morrison and Gutwein governments are on the receiving end of Covid’s inefficiency.

He knows Tasmania is angry.

For years, the people of Leith have struggled with this project, yet all their pleas for alternative solutions have fallen on deaf ears in Gutwein state. We thank the community for their strong campaign, a victory that would have seemed like an impossible struggle until the Minister refused to listen.

With the Federal Election expected before May, there will be a sudden change. With the Liberals, in the end, it is always political.

The election appears to be closely linked to Braddon’s policy in the forthcoming elections.

Sadly for the people living in the Southern Outlet in Clark, Gutwein Government continues to ignore the locals.

Agent Ferguson refuses to consider alternative alternatives to the five-way street that would only increase traffic congestion.

If they can see the light of Leith, they should do so to Outlet and come up with an alternative that does not remove the occupants and increase the volume.

The people of Dynyrnne have the same rights as the people of Leith.

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