Old Dominion Professor Who Wrote About Adults Attracted to Minors Resigns

A university professor in Virginia announced Wednesday that he has resigned due to threats posed in his recently published book, which also includes interviews of more than 40 adults who are attracted to children.

The book argues that disregarding this attraction could lead to more people seeking help and developing strategies to curb crime and prevent child sexual abuse.

“The study was not misrepresented by other journalists and online, probably because of my reputation,” Old Dominion University professor Allyn Walker said in a statement.

“As a result, several threats have happened to me and the school team on a regular basis,” added Walker, a substitute for “them.”

Walker’s book, “A Long, Dark Shadow, Minor-Attracted People and Their Pursuit of Dignity,” did not capture the attention of most scholars when it was published in June. The book’s introduction refers to Walker’s time as a social worker who provided counseling for victims of rape, some of whom were children.

Walker wrote in his introduction: “I am concerned that my readers may feel that I am underestimating child abuse or that I simply want to justify child abuse.”

The crisis at a public school for about 25,000 students comes at a time when concerns are mounting around academic rights and physical security for professors as college schools are like battlefields in the country’s civil wars.

Walker is an assistant professor of sociology and criminal justice. Earlier this month, their research attracted the attention of other media organizations – and the professor received threats from police who told supervisors to take action seriously, university officials said.

An online request for Walker’s removal received approximately 15,000 signatures. It also noted that Walker used the term, “young people,” and said, “We want to make it clear that this is pedophilia and should not be seen as homosexual.”

Fox News Assistant Tucker Carlson also spoke about Walker’s work with the title “The Left’s Depraved New Low.”

A letter sent last week by the President of the university Brian Hemphill stated that the conflict created traumatic and traumatic memories for the victims.

“Right, we can argue even in the most difficult situations without disrupting or threatening violence, but it is not the world we live in today,” Hemphill wrote.

Walker was given a brief escort of weapons while in school in Norfolk before being given a supervisory leave, university officials said. Hemphill said “his main responsibility is the protection of everyone associated with the school.”

Walker, an unemployed professor, will remain on leave before retiring at the end of the academic year in May.

“We have seen that this is the best way to move forward,” Hemphill said Wednesday.

The regional head of the American Association of University Professors called it a “tragic thing” and said, “We must all strongly oppose the anti-racism and physical threats of Dr. Walker.”

The group said the rejection of Walker’s research was justified, especially for people with a chronic illness, and that concerns should continue to be addressed. But the commission also said that Walker “conducted a thorough and systematic study” with a “clear, definite goal of preventing future child abuse.”

Elizabeth Letourneau, dean of the Moore Center for the Prevention of Child Abuse at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, described Walker as “not the first person to turn to such work.”

“A lot of other people in the field have been working with people who are attracted to children who volunteer not to be offended,” Letourneau said. “And it is the way of the future.”

Letourneau said people who are attracted to children – but who have not done anything wrong – can help students learn what can be useful to others, including their coping strategies to avoid bullying and to develop self-awareness and positive attitudes.

The site has launched an online prevention program called “Essential Support” which provides a way for teens and adults to avoid harm and to maintain good mental and emotional health as well as to improve peer relationships, which can help combat sexual desire in children.

“We all want children to grow up to be non-violent – deceptive and realize how we do this?” Letourneau said. “As long as we wait for the trial to take place and put everything in the judiciary, we will not get there.”

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