No, LastPass Isn't Holding Your Passwords Hostage

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In the last few weeks, we have seen a lot of “news”. and Reddit posts claiming that LastPass intentionally restricts users from free exporting their password into the repository. And even though LastPass loads the process a bit confusing, these claims are completely false. LastPass does not store your data.

All LastPass Users Can Send Their Passwords

LastPass on smartphone.

For those who don’t know, LastPass he changed a lot to its free password management service on March 16, 2021. Over the years, free users can enjoy LastPass on all their devices. But free users now have to decide if they want to use LastPass on their computer or mobile device.

LastPass mobile users can download “modifications” for free if they want to use LastPass on a computer, vice versa. But LastPass only gives you three switches. Once you have completed the upgrade, you will not be able to jump between LastPass phones and computers without registering Top membership part – and this seems to be the source of the customer confusion.

Note, LastPass mobile application does not allow you to send passwords for another application. And if you are a mobile user without the remaining switches, then you can not access the LastPass browser extension outside of your passwords.

Koma everything LastPass users can send passwords from LastPass page. This was launched on April 8, 2021, just weeks after LastPass changed the way its free membership section works. (And yes, I’ve tried to make sure this works. There is a complete guide at the bottom of this article!)

So, Why Are LastPass Clients Disturbed?

LastPass on smartphone
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The free version of LastPass is very confusing, and the company’s recent push for premium membership created a lot of distrust within the user base. In other words, we should not be surprised that some people mistakenly falsely claim LastPass is holding their data.

But why is this issue so prevalent today, almost a full year after LastPass changed the way its free component works?

This is what I saw – journalists and Redditors keep pointing from LastPass support thread full of mobile users who cannot send their information. Until January 11, administrators of this support thread will only use additional switches on user accounts instead of specifying that. everything LastPass users can submit their passwords to the LastPass page. (Obviously, this is an example of poor communication from LastPass.)

I also saw a lot of people complaining about an error that prevents sending out of the LastPass browser. Personally, I did not find a way to fix the problem, but LastPass confirmed that it was investigating the problem and was planning to fix it.

Yes, we found out about the error recently and the team started looking into it. We are working on repairs in all browser stores…

LastPass computer users experiencing any browser extension can simply load their data from LastPass page. That said, their confusion and frustration is understandable, thanks to all the LastPass error stories blocking user data.

How to reset LastPass password with Free Account

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You do not need to have LastPass account to load your cellar to another service. All LastPass users are able to send their data from the LastPass page, although they are free to use mobile phones.

Here’s how to export your data to the LastPass website:

  1. Go to LastPass Website and login to your account.
  2. Click the “Advanced Options” button to the left of your screen.
  3. Select the “Export” option under the heading “Manage Your Vault”.
  4. Click on Export.
    • Free Computer Users: If you logged in to the LastPass browser extension, you simply downloaded the CSV file containing your database.
    • Free Mobile Users: If you are a mobile user, LastPass will send you an email confirming the goods. Take care of the email and go through the export process. A new tab will open with your archive data, which you can download and install in another secret manager.

That’s all there is to it. If you can have a CSV file, I encourage you to discard it after entering your personal information 1Password, BitWarden, or another secret manager. And if LastPass just gives you a bunch of raw text instead of the proper CSV file, don’t worry; you can download it and paste it into other secret managers following the login process.

Do you still have trouble exporting your LastPass bedroom? Contact LastPass support to help or try duplicating exports in another browser. You should also try to disable any commercial-blockers or add-ons that may affect the use of LastPass property properties.

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