Niteworks unveil new folk-electronica album

A ‘Ghrian is a new disc from folk-electronica powerhouse Niteworks.

The record, released today, Friday, January 14, features an electronic mix of Gaelic, Scots and English songs featuring cinematic electronica.

The four-part band is at the forefront of new trad songs and has released two previous albums to highly acclaim, the last of which was recorded for a long time on the Scottish Album of the Year.

He bridges the line between traditional Scottish, folk, and Gaelic folk music with advanced electronic sound, creating a unique and exciting sound that has made them known for their recent record.

The ‘Ghrian, meaning’ sun ‘, is on the dawn of Niteworks as they incorporate English and Scots songs in their first series, along with Gaelic songs.

This is something that is at the heart of their vision, as drummer Ruairidh Graham explained: ‘There is a great deal to be gained in the few Scottish languages ​​and cultures that must be conveyed to a large audience in ways that are accessible to them. This means that the music and culture that pertains to it can be enjoyed not only by those who use it, but by the many listeners who want to enjoy it. ‘

The band, made up of Innes Strachan (synth / keys), Allan MacDonald (pipeline), Christopher Nicolson (bass) and Ruairidh Graham (drums), grew up together on the island of Skye, giving them an appreciation of Gaelic culture and music.

Their cultural roots, combined with their experience in recognizing the culture of the club and electronic music in Glasgow, enabled them to create their own electronic signature.

There’s a lot more talent to be found in the new album as well as the amazing vocals of the guests from longtime colleagues Sian (Eilidh Cormack, Ceitlin Lilidh and Ellen MacDonald) plus a solo song from Ellen. The unchanging songs of the famous Scottish singers Kathleen MacInnes, Beth Malcolm, Hannah Rarity and Alasdair Whyte also.

Ruairidh continued: “With this album we wanted to create a great soundtrack in the style of the film. We were inspired by our work of composing Edinburgh’s Hogmanay Fare Well music film which shows how 2020 lived for many during the epidemic. to further that aspect through the writing and recording of the disc.

Niteworks (Photo: Magnus Graham)

‘Our upcoming Celtic Connections orchestra concert reaffirmed our desire to pursue this path. The information from the album will be very helpful to the show and with the help of the whole orchestra it will be very powerful – we can’t believe it is happening! ‘

The song, which was co-produced by Creative Scotland and filmed in the fall of 2021 by Andrea Gobbi at GloWormRecording in Glasgow, features Fiona MacAskill, Aileen Reid and Laura Wilkie of Kinnaris Quintet along with Susan Appelbe on ropes.

The first of the songs, which was released on Friday 26 November, was Gura mise tha fo Èislein.

Other standalone songs include Every-Uisge, an exciting original video game, that skillfully incorporates synths and traditional instruments to create bold lyrics. Meanwhile, John Riley is an ethereal song featuring Beth Malcolm’s amazing vocals as he tells stories of all kinds. ‘Ghrian is the best song to finish the record, with a slow and clear sound that resonates with Kathleen Macinnes’ raw and intriguing vocals.

Elsewhere, the strange sound of Thèid mi lem Dheòin Feat. Alasdair Whyte is inspired by the star-supporting choir of Pedro Cameron (Man of the Minch), Deirdre Graham, Donald Macdonald (The Islands), Seonaidh MacIntyre (Trail West), Robert Robertson (Tide Lines) and Sian.

A ‘Ghrian is available for purchase on CD and download on all digital platforms, Friday 14 January.

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