NFT Collection by Photographer Frederic Auerbach Announced by Production Studio Accursed

The NFT team, called “Captured Moment: The Master’s Process,” will be among the top five A-lister celebrities.

Accursed Share-led production studio today announced an NFT team filmed by renowned artist Frederic Auerbach who will give a unique presentation of his work with five Hollywood celebrities as well as 30 previously unveiled photographs removed from the project. sections and stars.

The NFT band, dubbed “Captured Moment: The Master’s Process,” will feature close to five celebrities – boxing legend Mike Tyson, a singing legend. zendaya, as well as established actors such as Natalie Portman, Benedict Cumberbatch and Sharon Stone.

The Master Series, which will feature celebrities, will be available for mid-December. The winners will receive a strong NFT and a great deal of uncertainty for the printed work. The mobile NFT is powered by an internal ‘smart contract’ technology, the ownership of Accursed Share ownership, which reflects some of the technical changes that end at random over time.

Cursed Section Director John Connor said, “We wanted to give Auerbach fans, collectors, and students a sense of his style and inspiration; we wanted to create an NFTs team that really communicates with the collector and was very interesting and important.”

He added that Auerbach’s ability to draw the attention and character of his people is unique in the world of photography, and his unique ability to ‘call the extraordinary’ in his paintings is real. “This is something that seems to be missing out on the well-known concept of the NFTs, and we hope that this project – and other follow-up projects Cursed NFT – will give new impetus to the NFT rankings and continue to push the NFT frontier. Medically,” Connor said.

The first edition of the Captured Moment from the ‘Process Series’ will be available on December 5, when initial registrars will receive free airdrops on the first line; The remnants of the Captured Moments Process Series NFTs will be released next week and will cost 0.05 ETH to produce mint.

All 5 Master Series trades will be available on December 17 and will have a starting price of 3.0 ETH; All participants must have an NFT Series Series. In addition, one winner of the Master Series will be randomly selected to receive a private photo by Frederic Auerbach in his Los Angeles Studio, a $ 12,000 prize pool.

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