| World breaks daily Covid-19 case record – AFP tally

SA is battling a new version of Covid-19.

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  • The world records more than 3 million Covid-19 cases per day.
  • About 3 095 971 cases were reported in the past seven days.
  • Prior to the Omincron revolution, the history of most of the world’s diseases was about 800,000.

The world registered more than 3 million cases a day between January 13 and 19, according to Omicron, according to AFP on Thursday.

This figure has more than doubled since the species was first discovered in South Africa and Botswana at the end of November 2021.

An estimated 3 095 971 daily cases were reported in the past seven days, an increase of 17 percent compared to last week.

Prior to the discovery of Omicron, the worldwide history of daily illness was about 800,000 at the end of April 2021.

The current prevalence is about 440 percent higher than the daily average for the week ended November 24, 2021, when South Africa reported Omicron to the World Health Organization.

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The world recorded about 7 522 Covid-19 cases per day between 13 and 19 January, an 11 percent increase last week even though Omicron still appears to be causing fewer infections than the Delta.

In Britain, new cases of Covid-19 rose by 300 percent in late November and early January, but the number of patients in need of fresh air did not increase at that time.

The figures are based on statistics approved by the country’s health authorities and produced by AFP.

The vast majority of cases with very small or asymptomatic cases are not known even with further testing since the onset of the epidemic.

Test procedures also vary from country to country.

Considering the high mortality rate associated with Covid-19, the WHO estimates that the number of deaths may be two to three times higher.

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