| Ukraine says signs Russia behind govt hack

Ukraine said on Friday it revealed what Russia would have done to trigger the terrorist attacks that disrupted government websites in Kyiv at a time when tensions are running high between both neighbors.

“The investigation is ongoing, but security forces in Ukraine have found early signs that terrorist groups affiliated with Russian secrecy could stand behind modern cyberattack on government websites,” Foreign Ministry spokesman Oleg Nikolenko said on Twitter.

A statement from the SBU said that the violence that took place on Thursday and Friday nights affected 70 government pages.

Ten experienced “unauthorized interference”, it said, but its contents were not altered and there was no loss of personal data.

The robbery came as tensions ran high between Ukraine and Russia, with Kyiv claiming it had too many troops on its borders before the invasion.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has previously described a plot to overthrow the country and other government ports as “major”.

On Friday several websites including the Foreign Ministry collapsed, an AFP reporter said.

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Before it went down the internet, the ministry page posted a message in Ukrainian, Russian and Polish warning the people of Ukraine that their content had been tampered with.

“All the information about you is known, so be afraid and expect evil,” you read the message.

Within hours of Friday’s earlier break, the SBU said access to most of the battered areas had been restored and that the fall had been minimal.

Moscow says it has no plans to attack Ukraine.

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