| Rabbi threw chair at Texas synagogue hostage-taker before escaping

  • The captured Jewish congregation members were able to flee after a rabbi threw a chair at a captive.
  • The 10-hour siege ended with a gunshot wound to the head and the suspect died.
  • The suspect was identified by the FBI as a British citizen.

The rabbi, who was one of four Jewish congregations captured at a synagogue in Dallas, said on Monday that he and others had fled after throwing a chair at the victim and running to the exit door.

The 10-hour siege Saturday at the synagogue of Beth Israel Church in Colleyville, west of Dallas, Texas, ended with a shootout and all four detainees were released and the suspect died. It is not known if the gunman committed suicide or was killed by members of the FBI.

The suspect, identified by the FBI as a British citizen, knocked on a synagogue door during Sabbath prayers and was invited in for tea, Rabbi Charlie Cytron Walker, who was among those arrested, told CBS.

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Walker then returned to prayer, later saying “he had heard the beat – and it would have been anything – but it turned out it was his gun.”

One detainee was released unharmed after six hours of intensive discussions with the help of the family of 44-year-old Malik Faisal Akram.

While still captives and two others, Walker said he had studied the FBI’s training to determine when and when to flee.

“When I saw the opportunity when he was not in the right place, I made sure that the two gentlemen who were with me, were ready to go, (and that) the exit was not too far away,” he said. Walker said.

I told them to go. I threw the chair back at the gunman, and headed for the door, and all three of us managed to get out without a gun.

The FBI’s rescue squad then stormed the synagogue, killing Akram. Police in England have arrested two teenagers for questioning.

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