New rules for masks, QR codes from December 15

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Vaccinated hospitality workers will not be required to wear masks at work from December 15 and QR checks will be missing in many businesses by changing the NSW reopening schedule announced Thursday. Masks will only be needed for public transportation and flights, at the airport, and for indoor hospitality staff who do not have adequate immunizations. Individual measurements per square meter in pubs, cafes and many other businesses will be eliminated and COVID security plans will be the business choice. QR testing will be required only in high-risk areas, including hospitals, nursing homes and gymnasiums, gymnasiums, places of worship, funerals or memorials, hairdressers, beauty salons, pubs, small bars, groups registered with nightclubs. Evidence of vaccination will no longer be required by the Public Health Order in most cases, but businesses may still need proof of their will. Read more: NSW COVID-19 cases are increasing with 276 cases of vaccinated evidence and QR codes will still be needed for indoor music festivals with more than 1000 people. twice. “Reducing these restrictions will allow people to go out and enjoy the summer, and strengthen our most challenging industries because we are doing everything we can to protect people as we learn to live with COVID.” Read more: NSW The first female police officer named Government announced this month that non-vaccinated people will not be able to participate in the economic and social life until December or the government gets a 95 percent vaccination twice. Vaccination rates have dropped dramatically in recent weeks, and it is unlikely that NSW will reach 95 percent by Christmas, if it does. He said he would continue to review traffic patterns and make changes based on case numbers and vaccination rates.



November 25, 2021 – 5:14 PM

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