New plot to OUST Boris: 'Thousands-strong army' poised to topple PM – Blue Wall to implode

Thornberry wants Boris Johnson to offer the Queen a resignation

Liberal Democrats leader Sir Ed Davey has called on more than 2,500 Liberal Democrat councilors in the UK to stage a series of protests against Boris Johnson in response to the “Partygate” insult. The vote will force Conservative councilors to make sure they do not support Johnson, as public outcry over repeated violations of Downing Street blockade. Sir Ed said “Conservative councilors need to make it clear where they stand, whether Boris Johnson is an embarrassed Prime Minister, or whether locals are outraged.

“We have an army of thousands of Liberal Democrat councilors working hard in their constituencies.

“They are listening to the locals who say that Boris Johnson should do the right thing and resign.

“Whether in Buckinghamshire the real blue, rural Shropshire or anywhere in between, the Liberal Democrats have shown that we can beat the Conservatives in their old hearts.

“May, people who are tired of Boris Johnson are lucky.

“If Johnson does not give notice, he can tell him the party is over for voting for the Liberal Democrat.”

Boris faces the dangers of Blue Wall! An army of ‘angry’ voters is close to the Prime Minister of OUST (Photo: GETTY)

Boris Johnson

Boris Johnson leaves Parliament after apologizing on the occasion of May 20, 2020 in No10. (Photo: GETTY)

The Prime Minister has been rocked by a number of criminal parties that have been identified in recent days.

On Wednesday, he read a statement to Commons saying he wanted to “apologize” for the incident and acknowledged the “suffering” and “sacrifices” that millions of Britons did.

On Thursday night, it was reported that two more parties had been held at No10 on April 16 – the night before Prince Philip’s funeral.

The Telegraph reported that colleagues in the No10 basement, that DJd’s music and special adviser, one attendee broke Wilf Johnson’s rocking in the field and another sent a Co-op with a suitcase to buy more alcohol.

Downing Street apologized at Buckingham Palace on Friday for the incident.

Recent party appearances led to a reversal of opposition parties, which contrasted the tolerance of No10 workers with photos of the Queen sitting alone at her husband’s funeral, in response to Covid’s protest.

A spokesman for the Prime Minister said “it is very unfortunate that this happened during the national funeral”.

These offenses have been added to the list of public meetings in State House under investigation by Sue Gray.

Liberal Democrats say they “informed the Prime Minister” after winning two elections last year in Chesham and Amersham and North Shropshire.

The dramatic breakthrough was marked by the 18th and seventh major changes in British political history.

Funeral of the Queen

The queen met people at the funeral of her husband, Prince Philip (Photo: GETTY)

Ed Davey

‘Stop working!’ Ed Davey puts the PM on notice (Photo: GETTY)

The party is now looking for Conservative councils in their area known as the Blue Wall, a by-election that is three months away from taking place.

Davey has criticized Tory councils that have taken over the region for decades.

The Liberal Democrats have full control or influence over the more than 50 governments across the country that are responsible for spending billions of state funds.

Liberal Democrats leader at the Local Government Association and Cotswold District Council Cllr Joe Harris said “Throughout the country we feel outraged at the people we serve.

“Millions of people have committed suicide during the epidemic. From the ban on marriages to the failure to say goodbye to their loved ones in the hospital, Boris Johnson has failed every one of them.

“We urge councils across the country to address their concerns and appoint a new Prime Minister.

“Together we can send a powerful message to Boris Johnson from the upper and lower parts of the country that it is time to go.”

The efforts by the Liberal Democrats come as a number of Conservative MPs have openly demanded the resignation of the Prime Minister.

Those who have openly expressed their dissatisfaction are Scottish Conservative leader Douglas Ross, William Wragg, Caroline Nokes, Sir Roger Gale, Baroness Ruth Davidson and Andrew Bridgen.

Number 10

There have been 15 so-called Government meetings during the closure (Photo: GETTY)

Helen Morgan

Helen Morgan rigged 23,000 votes to win 5925 votes in North Shropshire. (Photo: GETTY)

A letter sent to Liberal Democrat Councils and Councils across the country states: “The Council sees the serious disappointment of Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

“The council also alleges that the prime minister did something illegal, misled the legislature and deceived the people of our country.

“The councils add that even though the Prime Minister went to the parties downing Street, millions of people obey the closing laws, often paying a lot of money.

“They missed funerals, banned marriages and bade farewell to their loved ones who died on video – some on the day Number Ten held a garden party illegally.

“Consolo is criticizing the Prime Minister who has now disrupted the health of our country, and because of a country that is still plagued by this deadly plague should resign.

“The council is appealing to the mayor to write to Boris Johnson that the council has no confidence in his leadership and wants him to step down.

“The council has confirmed that we will no longer have confidence in the Prime Minister.”

Downing Street was asked to comment.


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