New Board Game Takes Ideological Fight to Antifa’s Goon Squad

Being a law enforcement officer in the United States is very easy.

We allow our elect to choose the courts, borders and rules of each engagement, and we come to every meeting with the hope that in the end we will fail.

And when the other side has hit us hard, we defeat the field and angrily follow them wherever they want to fight.

It has been this way for years, perhaps even longer. Even until 1958, Cleon Skousen’s “The Naked Communist” showing the well-known “Communist” name on the cover as an adult with a muscle.

Why this? Is it 10 feet long? Is Communism inevitable?

This is unpleasant, and there seems to be a bitterness that causes all our relationships with our publications. It is a matter of personal worship for many war-loving people that fighting should not be fun, and that fighting and long-term defeat is encouraging.

“Jeff” is one of the characters in the anti-Antifa board game “POZ.”

It is our philosophy that the decline of culture is inevitable, that the left is stupid, and the struggle must be the most exciting. To achieve this we believe that we must not only do what others force us to do, but choose our battlefield and redesign the issue according to what we want.

We need to refine our minds and realize that the Left are not adults in this relationship, they are stupid kids.

Our game, especially our recent project, Portland Occupied Zone [POZ], and attempts at such reforms. We do not disagree and we do not disagree, we act aggressively and inconsistently with the Abandoned culture as we believe it to be.


In POZ the player plays as a member of Antifa. There are eight characters, each with its own set of minor failures. The purpose of the game is to burn down the working area of ​​Portland and replace it with what looks like a sick camp. (It’s weird when you find out it’s your house you’re destroying.)

During the development of the game throughout the year we did a lot of research on extremes, especially Antifa and Occupy, as well as the disruption of these groups to a level that most people do not seem to know.

  • Hypocrisy is deception
  • Violence (sexual harassment)
  • Pollution and disease

POZ removes all of that and puts it on the whole show.

In addition, there are small games that everyone has to make themselves feel worthless with various illegal drugs.

There is more to it than that, but we cannot explain it all in the space provided. In a world of pearl barley, it is a huge pile of dangerous entertainment.

Many often oppose the idea of ​​players playing like left-handed fans instead of doing what we do most of the time, which I evade from a distance. We recognize that this is a bold and powerful decision, but we believe it works for a reason.

Nothing, as they say, is no big deal.

William Dalebout is an artist and artist from Logan, Utah who has been on his own since assisting the wrong candidate in 2016. Today, he runs the Incel Riot and mainly produces games. His new board game, “POZ,” is currently seeking crowdfunding assistance.

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