Neuromod launches Ótologie to provide specialist care service for tinnitus patients, helping them avoid long waiting lists

The Irish company Neuromod Devices Ltd has established Otology, a special treatment for people with tinnitus. The new service will help tinnitus patients, in Ireland and throughout Europe, avoid waiting lists and give them access to tinnitus treatment.

The introduction of Ótologie follows a successful telehealth service provider for tinnitus patients with Neuromod as well as a published study by the Irish Hospital Consultants Association which found that approximately 77,000 patients were on the waiting list for ENT public services. Through a partnership with ENTs consultants, Neuromod estimates that 15,000 of these are tinnitus patients.

In 2021, Neuromod piloted a telehealth service to help patients with tinnitus in Ireland and throughout Europe. The pilot supported Neuromod medical care at his hospital in Dublin, allowing patients to go to the hospital for treatment or via video conferencing according to their preferences.

Thanks to the pilot’s success, which enabled patients to advance to the hospital within a few days of receiving treatment and to avoid waiting lists for people to go to ENT, Neuromod developed a ologtologie to provide immediate tinnitus treatment from health professionals who can provide a variety of treatments. proven medicine including Lenire, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), and hearing aids

The service facilitates regular medical visits for patients with tinnitus, giving them time to meet the next day to take them online or to the hospital. Neuromod Hospital, located at Hermitage Hospital in Dublin, has been transformed from Neuromod Medical to Ótologie in preparation for the launch of this service.

Tinnitus, a disease known as ‘ringworm’, affects between 10 and 15% of the world’s population and can affect up to 500,000 people in Ireland.

However, in a recent study more than 60% of GPs reported that they do not follow the routines that refer them to tinnitus patients.[ii] and highlighting the importance of having access to specialized care for these patients, highlighting the need for specialized treatment for tinnitus, such as ologtologie, in which clients need to be contacted directly or referred by their current physician.

Speaking at the launch of Ótologie, Dr Ross O’Neill, CEO of Neuromod Devices said: “Patient waiting lists for patients with tinnitus are not only a burden on patients but also a burden on healthcare. From the available statistics and our association with medical care we estimate that today, there are 15,000 people suffering from tinnitus on the waiting list for medical treatment.

“In addition, a recent study suggests that waiting times for ENT referrals could be as high as four years in some parts of Ireland. The study also looked at the effects of the long waiting list that is placed on people with tinnitus. It also showed that GPs and ENTs also acknowledged the need for better access to ENT or tinnitus audiology. With Ótologie, our vision is to address a major medical problem by allowing patients to receive immediate treatment from anywhere in the country or in Europe. Our long-term goal is to develop the world’s first known method of treating and treating tinnitus. ”

The Ótologie team of specialist and therapeutic specialists, trained primarily in the treatment of tinnitus, has extensive knowledge of patient care and evidence-based care. Following good medical practice, he evaluates each patient and develops a personalized treatment plan based on options that include the Lenire tinnitus device; Tinnitus Therapy (a form of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy or CBT); or appropriate hearing aids for people with tinnitus.

Ntologie director of Tinnitus Care, orthopedist Anita Sayers said: “Our experience, since we opened the Neuromod Medical clinic in 2019, in talking to our patients is that there is a lot of frustration due to the lack of a well-known method of treatment for tinnitus patients in Ireland, and the lack of medical care. For people with this condition.”

He continued: “People with tinnitus seek reliable advice, professional advice and treatment options to help them cope with the stress of daily life. evidence, as well as the compassion that patients need to be treated at every stage of their tinnitus journey. We are very excited to expand our services and care for tinnitus, all under the new name Ótologie. “

Ótologie launch follows the launch of Neuromod for its US subsidiary, Neuromod USA Inc. To date Neuromod has raised significant business finances and loans to help increase Lenire availability in Europe as well as a FDA-funded approach to the US.

The grant is funded by Fountain Healthcare Partners, a global life science fund that focuses on a large business that sells businesses and companies with disruptive expertise or products that have a significant financial value.

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