NASA gives a lift to 57 high-flying student experiments, including one from the Seattle area

NASA has launched the top Raven Aerostar balloon. (NASA photo / Bill Rodman)

NASA has selected 57 winning teams – including the Interlake High School team in Bellevue, Wash – to receive construction funding and broadcast experiments that focus on education ranging from reducing moon dust to inkjet printing in zero gravity.

The Interlake team will focus on the global scientific question: how pollution is related to distance.

Prizes were awarded through the first NASA competition TechRise Student Challenge, which aims to give 6- to 12-year-olds the opportunity to learn the real world by creating and experimenting with self-study. The program, run by Future Engineers, attracted participants in about 600 groups representing 5,000 students across the country.

“At NASA, we train and promote the next generation of scientists, engineers, and researchers,” said Bill Nelson, NASA Supervisor. he said today in a press release. “The TechRise Student Challenge is a great way to learn so that students can learn more about designing, building, and launching experiments on suborbital vehicles.… I can’t wait to see these amazing experiments come to life.”

The winning teams will receive $ 1,500 to do the experiments, as well as NASA-sponsored spacecraft to fly next year.

Twenty trials, including Interlake, will travel long distances produced by Raven Aerostar. A further 37 will fly in the New Shepard suborbital spaceship built by Jeff Bezos’. Blue Origin space venture, or on UP Aerospace suborbital rocket.

Winning teams will also receive equipment for their pay, professional assistance and access to a pilot testing program.

For more information on the trial and TechRise Student Challenge, see Future Engineers Website.

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