My triple-vaxxed, 85-year-old mother caught COVID. Medical triage made her doctor useless.

Over the past two years, as a cruel COVID-19 extinguished 840,000 American lives, I have read about the impact it has had on our doctors and nurses. But I did not really appreciate the broken cord which is our health care until last month, when both my elderly parents received COVID-19.

The call I had been complaining about for two years came on the morning of December 27, 2021, from my mother, and the symptoms were well known: coughing, shortness of breath, chest tightness, body aches and fatigue.

After a 10-minute argument in which she tried to convince me that it was the worst cold she had ever been in, I won and she tested for COVID-19. It was good.

When my mother started teaching at the university in the 80’s, she started using the university hospital for their medical needs. Considering that the hospital was top notch, I was confident that my COVID-19 patient would receive medical attention. Boy, did I make a mistake.

Difficult to get help

The problems began when my mother saw a doctor, but she found that he was on vacation. He is free, and the university said the vet doctor will call. Instead, the call came from a nurse who actually advised my mother not to come to the hospital unless there was an accident, as her oxygen level dropped below normal.

Complete the crazy vaccine vaccine: Nurses with COVID are in our hospitals. But Biden’s position prohibits those who have not been vaccinated.

The 85-year-old woman, who suffers from a debilitating disease, has a lung infection that can kill her lungs – and she complains of chest pain – and no one is interested in pushing a stethoscope over her chest to listen. ?

When it became clear that we could not rely on the hospital to do anything other than prepare for a “catches-up” trip to the emergency room, I intervened. I offered a medical idea Paxlovid, a Pfizer pill that was recently approved by the FDA and, according to a number of media reports, appears to be very complex. staff in the treatment of COVID-19.

Ideas in your box: Learn about our modern day-to-day activities

The nurse I spoke to seemed oblivious, but she came back the next day to tell me that the medicine was too low and that the doctor could not do anything to help us.

I also asked if the doctor could arrange for my mother to take me monoclonal antibody known to have saved the life of former President Donald Trump when he performed COVID-19, and has been human availability for a year. This is where things got out of hand.

Treatment of monoclonal antibody

The nurse said that my mother’s age and condition may be eligible for the treatment, but the reduction meant that the doctor’s instructions were not enough. A send it had to be made up of a team of physicians who select patients who will be given life-saving medication. He referred the people and assured us that we would hear from the care team, within 24 hours.

Then 24, 48, 72, 96 hours passed and no words were received from people who approved monoclonal antibody treatment. With each passing day, the emotional pain caused by drug abuse is increasing power as time passes between the disease and the infusion. Even singing “we have 50 people in front of your mother so that their care will last for three days” would make sense.

By the middle of the week, my dad was also suffering from the same symptoms. It took him about two hours to make a phone call to get ready for the PCR test at the parking lot. My father was also referred for medical treatment.

As the days went by, I sent an e-mail to the nurse, who was taking the patients to my parents’ vacation doctor. He was kind but said he could not provide any information about the monoclonal antibody group. He told me to wait and make sure the phone rang. He also told me that my mother’s doctor had called him to see. One week later, no phone call came.

What came up was the idea of ​​going to Website with more than 100 antibody monoclonal lists hospital location across the state. And I resumed my vocal chorus for countless hours, voicemails and text messages that could end – all in an effort to save my parents’ life.

Michael J. Stern

In time, I found a place to help. Not to mention that it was some 40 miles[70 km]away or that it was New Year’s Eve, so off we went. And even though my dad’s results for the PCR test had not yet come, I told the hospital that it was fine because I did not let the opportunity pass. While she was taking the infusion, the test came. While I am very grateful for the environment that helped him, he provided a powerful COVID treatment to a patient without a COVID-19 test that was prescribed.

Consider, too, our approach to the plague

I feel that health care in the US is surrounded by omicron-carrying genes that infect even three-time victims like my parents. But in the meantime, health care in America sounds like Wild West.

I put a lot of mistakes on anti-vaxxers. They are mostly followed by people who wear their masks as straps on the chin. But to be honest, the administration of President Joe Biden is to blame.

I criticized Trump due to inability to use it properly Defense Production Act (DPA) forcing private companies to develop self-defense tools at the start of the epidemic. When Biden is using DPA more aggressive than Trump, getting COVID’s life-saving support should not feel like part of “The Hunger Games.”

Where are all the COVID-19 test kits? America has moved from Operation Warp Speed ​​to Biden’s Snail Speed ​​on the COVID test

And it is not the only drug that is needed. A few weeks ago, I went to five drugstores to test COVID at home. The shelves look like the ones you can find at Best Buy, 5 minutes before closing on Friday. On the way home, I passed an Italian restaurant with a line of about 30 people. I love Italian food and made up my mind to go back for dinner to see why it was so popular. Apparently 30 people were in line for the COVID-19 test drive next door. When the White House bought COVID-half billion tests to be distributed free of charge this month, home testing should be a priority.

In the meantime, my parents seem stable. But learn from my predicament: Before you become ill, form a group of relatives and friends who are willing to help you if you take COVID. When you are sick, you will not have strength.

And a word of caution: In this age of medical research, people are less likely to trust their doctors and hospitals to provide safer health care. If you do not have a medical professional, you are disappointed.

Michael J. Stern, a member of USA TODAY’s Board of Contributors, was a prosecutor for 25 years in Detroit and Los Angeles. Follow him on Twitter: @ MichaelJStern1.

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