My Big List of Tools for a Variety of Classroom Video Projects

Aside from the Google Workspace tools, I am asked more questions about video production than any other three topics included. Over the years, I have used many tools for making video games. Here is my current list of video projector tools for classroom projects.

Video Reflections

These are the videos that need to be slightly modified, if any, before they can be published. In this type of video editing activity teachers will provide information to their students and their students will respond with short video clips.

Flipgrid is the most well-known of all platforms designed for students to record video responses at a teacher’s program. Teachers can create online classes where their students post short answers to videos. Teachers can refine what they have learned before seeing all the videos in the classroom. And teachers can use Flipgrid to provide feedback to their students. There are many other Flipgrid features that are worth noting and are included below in the white board video section. Watch this video to learn the basics of Flipgrid.
Padali is a tool I have used for over a decade for a variety of reasons including collecting short videos from students. Students can use a tape recorder created in Padlet to record a short video and share it with the class. Here is a brief summary how to shoot movies in Padlet.

Audio Slideshow videos

With the exception of anyone taking videos, audio slideshow video format is probably the easiest for all video formats to create. It is one of the strangest things about using it in class. For a visual presentation project to be effective, students first need to prepare the process, find the visuals, apply the appropriate (but not limited) text, and select the appropriate song. If you want to improve, you will need students to create a script to describe their videos. Here is a summary of what you should look for while students create audio slideshow videos.

Here are the top three choices for students working on making Audio Slideshow videos.

Adobe Spark Video
Almost since its inception five years ago, Adobe Spark has been my idea to make this kind of video. Adobe Spark enables students to create short animated animations. Adobe Spark restricts the amount of content that students can draw on each slide within their videos. Adobe Spark also includes a library of background songs that students can include in their videos. Finally, students are able to upload local videos to include in their audio videos. Mu this short video I show you how to make a video with Adobe Spark.

Canva now offers two ways for students to create audio slideshow videos. The first step is to put together a few slides and then choose a song to play in the background. That way it is shown here. Another option is to use the Canva video editor to increase the amount of time you spend watching video. This method is shown in this video.

Microsoft Photos
Microsoft Photos has a video slideshow tool for making short slideshow videos. You will find this by simply opening the native animation program in Windows 10. Inside the editor there are tools for adding live video animations, upload your existing videos to a video project, and audio enhancement tools for your video. There is also a great way to search for legitimate Creative Commons photos and put them directly in your video. The best part of this information is that most of the content is simply added to the images you select using the search tool. Mu next video I offer a demonstration of how to make a video in Microsoft Photos within Windows 10.

The Green Movie

Making a green green video can be a lot of fun for students and fun for friends, parents, and teachers to watch. Ten years later I still mention it occasionally the video from Greg Kulowiec’s high school class as an example of an interesting green project. Making a green movie can seem daunting at first, but if you try it a few times or two you will find that it is not as difficult as it may seem. Nowadays there are many tools for making green screen videos. Here are three tips that I encourage and inform teachers.

Create a Green Video in iMovie
If you have a Mac or iPad, this is a working tool. It’s free (if you have a Mac or iPad) and has enough features to make a good green video, but not much that takes a long time to learn to use. Watch this video learn how to make green screen video in iMovie on Mac. Watch this learning to make green screen video on iPad.

For Chromebook users and Windows users, WeVideo is my idea to go. Here is a demonstration about how it works.

Zoom + Adobe Spark
If you do not have a green front cover, you can use the Zoom interface and insert the video into Adobe Spark for final editing. Watch this video to learn how it happens.

Makanema Makanema

Creating animated videos is a great way to learn to keep their written content alive on the screen. Depending on the story, the animation can be short or two that can last for 20 seconds or can be a five-minute story.

Ana and ChatterPix
Ana and ChatterPix is one of my favorite digital news programs for elementary school students. Ana and ChatterPix is a free program that students can use to create talking images. To use this app students simply open it on their iPads or Android devices and then record. After the photo is taken, the students draw a picture from the picture. In the mouth there are students and then they draw themselves talking for up to 30 seconds. The recording is added to the image and stored as video on student iPads or Android devices. Watch my tutorial videos below to learn how to use ChatterPix Kids on Android devices and iPads.

Slides + Screencasting
Google Slides, like PowerPoint and Keynote, provides users with a wide range of visual effects within their slides. Use these video tools to create simple and easy-to-use animations on the screen. Then scan the movement with a visual aid tool Screencastify or Screencast-o-matic. Of course, you want it as a voiceover when recording. This technique can be used to create animated animations such as those that are popular with Common Craft. You can read about and view the entire process Practical Ed Tech article.

Canva has many video options that you can add to any images you create. You can adjust the volume, adjust the rotation, and add the background sound when recording in Canva. Your final formats can be downloaded as animated GIFs and as MP4 files. Instead, that’s how I make movies my Instagram account of Practical Ed Tech. In addition, the new Canva video editor can be used to create animated animations. It’s the process I’m showing in the video.

Whiteboard videos

From mathematical learning to project management there are a number of objectives for making whiteboard training videos. Last year I had students make simple boardboard videos to illustrate networks and wires. Here are a few tools for making instructional videos on a white board.

Try using Screencastify to download at the free download site provided by Google’s online version of Jamboard. One of the benefits of using Jamboard for this type of video is that once you are done you can share the photos of Jamboard with your students. You can share Jamboard via Google Classroom for students to have the process you demonstrated in making your video.

Lumba is also an excellent and well-known option for making screencast videos from your browser. Mu next video I show you how I combined Loom with Google’s Jamboard to make a clean instructional video. One of the tips I shared in this video was to use the sharing method in Jamboard to provide your students with the drawings or sketches you use in your instructional video.

Flipgrid provides integrated boardboard function. You can use this to create white board videos for your students to watch Flipgrid. You could also ask your students to use the boardboard tools to answer what you have given them. Mu my video below is a summary of how you can use the white board and a few more in Flipgrid.

Wakelet have integrated the Flipgrid camera into their service so that you can create whiteboard training videos directly in your Wakelet groups. Watch my video below to see how this technique works.

Seesaw then my digital tool. I like it because it is a portable platform that can be used beyond just making history. You can use it as a blog, use it to share ads with parents, use it to share sections, and you can use it to make boardboard videos. Instead, there are several ways in which you and your students can make whiteboard videos in Seesaw. Both methods are explained in my new video below.

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