Museum Store Sunday set at the Rayburn House

Sam Rayburn House State Historic Site celebrates the fifth year of its Museum Store on Sunday by giving special gifts and encouraging everyone to shop locally.

The museum at the Sam Rayburn House State Historic Site, 890 Highway 56, west of Bonham, is excited to take part in this year’s exhibition and take part in museums around the world by donating special holiday gifts such as books, souvenirs and Texas themes. museum – and buying all the artifacts of the museum.

In support of the Museum Store on Sunday, we are donating 20% ​​off Christmas House decorations to include: 37 annual annual commemorations in honor of President Franklin Delano Roosevelt (2017), the 38th annual decoration in honor of President Harry S. Truman (2018), the 39th annual ornament. in honor of President Dwight D. Eisenhower (2019) and 40 annual decorations in honor of President John F. Kennedy (2020).

The museum is open Tuesday through Saturday from 10am to 4pm Our 20% off special jewelry discount will expire at the end of December.

Sam Rayburn House State Historic Site tells the true story of Sam Rayburn, one of the most powerful and influential politicians of the 20th century, in his true home of 1916. Preserved as a temporary capsule, the two-story house is fully equipped. of Rayburn and household weapons. Sam Rayburn House State Historic Site is one of the 34 archeological sites run by the Texas Historical Commission.

Marlene Concepción is assistant manager at the Sam Rayburn House State Historic Site in Bonham.

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