Münchner Polizei stoppt Anti-Corona-Politik-Demonstranten

Despite a ban on rallies, several hundred protesters against Corona’s current plan passed through downtown Munich on Wednesday evening. The police stopped them at several places.

Several groups were suspended and more personal information was posted, police said on Twitter. Advertisements over the loudspeaker criticized the protesters for their illegal activities. You have been given hope that you will be tried. Munich has banned previously unannounced demonstrations – threatening to pay a € 3,000 euro fine.

Organizers recently banned protests announced in the evening by more than 5,000 people – because they were not satisfied with the court’s ruling.

The Munich Magistrate’s Court ruled that protests against Corona’s policies – as Munich ruled – could take place in Theresienwiese, but only 5,000 instead of the 2000 participants. The court therefore rejected the arbitrators’ request for an injunction and for the relocation of the university campus to Theresienwiese. The “Munich departure” operation announced that the convention had been canceled.

The organizers also called off the protests on December 22 due to restrictions that were re-imposed at the time. Instead, thousands of people met for the so-called “Corona” march and sometimes clashed with police: eight paramedics were injured in the clashes. The same thing happened in Schweinfurt, where violence and violence existed.

In response to all these incidents, police have again increased their presence in Munich on Wednesday evening.

Bavarian Interior Ministry Joachim Herrmann (CSU) is seeing a “growing trend” among critics of corona vaccines and corona methods. The fact that some arrest their children or make their own weapons for their own crimes is “something that worries us”. There are links to extremist wing movements, “where, as is well-known, violence should be expected,” Herrmann told Oberaudorf on Wednesday. However, he stressed that the opposition to Corona’s policy so far is small. The fact that about 80 percent of the elderly now get vaccinated shows that “many obviously think differently,” he stressed.

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