MSNBC Contributor: Arbery Convictions 'Literally the Very Least We're Owed'

Indeed, MSNBC correspondent Brittany Packnett Cunningham was pleased with the outcome of the trial of the men accused of Ahmaud Arbery’s death. But what he said on MSNBC on Wednesday night makes you wonder if he found the decisions difficult to paint the United States as an impossible apartheid. You will not feel good about it.

Interviewed by guest Jonathan Capehart at 11th hour, Cunningham has not said that all white judges in the Deep South state have convicted all three of them of murder. On the contrary, Cunningham mocked the rulings as “the least we have in debt.”

Cunningham looked rather into what he felt was wrong with America. Therefore, complained that police officer Darren Wilson was released for what he called the “murder” of Michael Brown. in Ferguson, Missouri. This even the Department of Justice headed by Eric Holder, Obama’s Attorney General, has replied Wilson, finding “there is no conclusive evidence that Wilson deliberately shot Brown when he was about to give in or was not threatening.”

Obama / Holder: white supremacist racists, too?

Capehart also asked Cunningham for comment and paragraph and Charles Blow of the New York Timeswho called Kyle Rittenhouse a “murderer” despite being acquitted of all charges –as he said that there are other Rittenhouses out there. Cunningham wholeheartedly agreed:

“It is a fact that there are some Kyle Rittenhouses out there. And we know they’re out there for a reasone many of their parents are marching to attend school committee meetings as we speak we are trying to ensure that the history of this country is not taught. “

In other words, parents who object to having their children educated by the Critical Race Theory are racists who are raising Rittenhouses tomorrow.

Check this out below “there is no justice that will not be punished.” Telling America no matter what, the country is still so evil, it is not a way to get hearts and minds – or elections.

Complaints from MSNBC Assistant Brittany Packnett Cunningham were assisted in some cases by Liberty Mutual, Procter & Gamble, the All-Time Smart Designer and Charmin, Citi, Abbott, maker of Freestyle Libre, and Facebook.

Here are the notes.

Concluding Remarks
10:55 pm ET

JONATHAN CAPEHART: My current partner is Brittany Packnett Cunningham, a former member of President Obama’s 21st Century Policing Task Force.

. . .

BRITTANY PACKNETT CUNNINGHAM: I think of Darren Wilson’s conviction for the murder of Mike Brown at Ferguson in 2014. There is a long, long thread here, not just the criminal justice system that allows people to do the work they often want to be able to do on their own, to control and keep black people. and black freedom, but I also think of the threads that take the people and make them lions, that they want to make another law stand at the altar of white supremacy that they can worship and learn from.

. . .

CAPEHART: You know, Brittany, New York Times Journalist Charles Blow writes, “The biggest risk, as well as the real possibility, is that there are Rittenhouses out there—The boys who witnessed the verdict and saw how the freedom to embrace and celebrate were deadly, and now they want to follow his lead.

CUNNINGHAM: Well, I think Charles Blow is right there, and the truth of the matter is, it’s impossible or impossible. It is true that there are some Kyle Rittenhouses out there. And we know they are out because most of their parents are marching in the school meetings where we speak, trying to make sure the history of this country is not taught.

. . .

The misdemeanor convictions we saw in the Arbery murder case today, were the few we have.

CAPEHART: – Correct.

CUNNINGHAM: – and you know how much it took us to get this kind of response. So this work will continue.

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