Motril’s Earthquake Day

Among the List of Improbable Fiestas is the date of the Motril earthquake, which is celebrated on 13 January because of what happened in 1804.

Emerging images of Our Lady of the Crown Head and Our Father Jesus of Nazareth from Great church in the Holy Place to quickly adjust around the town with a twisted handbrake turn on tight corners.

In all cases, the images are requested to bless the town and its orchards before blowing the whistle on the church.

The mayor, Luisa María García Chamorro and a group of councilors gathered in The Church of the Incarnation at a large ceremony.

All these metaphors and prayers go back to the two earthquakes of 1804 and 1884 with the idea of ​​a small intervention of God through the glory of God to save the town from the unchanging days.

Surprisingly, last year the town was not disturbed by the wrath of heaven as the event was canceled due to the plague – or perhaps. omicron and show that someone feels there is not enough interest?

Don’t worry, burning several apostates leads to misunderstandings so… I will bring matches and lights…

(News: Motril, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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